Friday, July 9, 2010

Kill Team: Arrugginiti

ARRUGGINITI INVESTIGATIVE DETAIL: a Kill Team list for the Arrugginiti.

!!!House Rules Caveat: All three of the Forces listed in this series are based upon a slight revision to standard force organization for KT. In these House Rules, one is allowed to ignore minimum unit requirements if the slot is less than one proper unit. So, for example, one can field a single Chaos Space Marine with Melta as the sole marine in the force, but could not field a second CSM with Melta until the minimum requirements were made for that full and properly organized unit. The idea is to open the road for some characterful choices, but also skewed to discourage nonsensical abuses.

5 CHAOS MARINES, Meltagun + RHINO [120]: The Rhino may seem like a surprise (potentially unsporting) choice here. I tend to view these “Kill Teams” as either reconnaissance forces, or rapid strike insertion teams, or "investigative details" whatever that means. For the Arrugginiti, I tend toward the later rather than the former for fluff reasons. If anything, I would proxy some traitor IG as a Chaos reconnaissance team… uhoh… I’ve just done it again (Sons of Taurus has produced some truly inspiring Rough Riders, from whom I'll certainly be borrowing several ideas. Expect to see a WIP and/or updates on said traitors in the future). When thinking in terms of rapid strike insertion teams, the Rhino makes a bit more sense –as it adds a generous portion of both mobility and security. The Melta is here to incinerate the ugliest opposing model. My only reservation might be that the Rhino could be a bit cumbersome in more cluttered tables. If so, I intend to use it to block passages and funnel the opposition toward a particularly advantageous avenue –in theory.

2 RAPTORS, melta [50]: Given the above, the choice of 2 Raptors is a must. They are fast and potent. The Melta, again, adds punch, and the exceptional mobility of the Raptors should ensure that this gun is in the right place at the right time. As with the other Fast choices I’ve discussed this week, I expect the Raptors to arrive at the appropriate moment and pile in to assault an either isolated or overwhelmed opposition. So sinister. I love it.

TERMINATOR [30]: just because. In each of the items this week, I’ve wanted to bring one “anchor” selection to the list. I suspect that this may be my way of compensating for the absence of a character or HQ selection. Still, I think that these choices are essential not only to the personality of the force –a kind of power and thematic focal point- but also to the grit of the army. Anything in Terminator armor is bound to get some considerable attention in Kill Team, which can be quite useful in its own right. If not, I suspect he’ll be a loathsome enemy.

THEORY MEETS PRACTICE: Alas. Theory has not yet met practice on this one. I had to cancel our showdown last Tuesday and the boys were left on the shelf. alone. Pitmann and I have rescheduled for next week, however, so there's more to come on this front.

One quirky, quick question for you to mull over. How exactly does what I've been calling the "squad of one" rule effect transports? Can only one CSM enter the Rhino at a time? Surely that's rather counter-intuitive. Anyone have any experience with this or other odd moments from the adjusted ruleset?


sonsoftaurus said...

Looking good! I especially like the meltagunner.

Glad that I could inspire/add more to your plate!

Do you guys ignore the squad minimums for your KT games? ie not having to buy five raptors or three termies?

The transport issue is one of the many KT rules issues that need to be addressed in each group. I'd be inclined to allow them to carry as many "units" as their carrying capacity allows. Although to be honest I'd be even more inclined to just ban vehicles for this and other reasons.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah, I was wondering on the lack of squad minimums too.

Grizzled Gamer said...

I am not a fan of vehicles other than walkers in Kill Team games. So, I am not a fan of the rhino being included in the list.
Like the previous posts, I am guessing that squad minimums are not being used?

Brian said...

The squad minimums started as one measure of simple oversight, plus one measure of opportunism, and one measure of practicality on our part. We liked it and ran with the idea, mostly because it added a peculiar dimension of personality to the games. Always a bonus in our books.

It became a "house rule" so quickly, that I'd forgotten that it even was one. Funny that.

You guys must have been thinking that I was nuts all week. I suspect that I'll need to rewrite these lists more appropriately for a future post or two. Moreover, I've come to agree. The Rhino isn't very sporting. It'll get the axe when we play next week.

sonsoftaurus said...

The no minimums isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just jumps out at you if you aren't expecting it!

With some controls (like needing at least min size to get optional weapons/gear that isn't available to everyone, and/or needing to buy min squad before get another squad of that type) it could work, so you don't see armies like five plague marines with plasmaguns.