Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kill Team: Valhallans

VALHALLAN RECON FORCE: (There are two or three rather forgivable hiccups in these photos: the "Heavy Bolter," which isn't really, is on the wrong base for the current codex, and the Sentinel has the wrong gun glued on, as it comes from a time before I knew magnets. Please forgive. The Valhallans are my least complete army to date).

!!!House Rules Caveat: All three of the Forces listed in this series are based upon a slight revision to standard force organization for KT. In these House Rules, one is allowed to ignore minimum unit requirements if the slot is less than one proper unit. So, for example, one can field a single Chaos Space Marine with Melta, but could not field a second CSM with Melta until the minimum requirements were made for that full and properly organized unit. The idea is to open the road for some characterful choices, but also skewed to discourage nonsensical abuses.

10 GUARDSMEN RECON SQUAD -Srgt, Heavy Bolter [60]: This squad is here to make up numbers, but also to contribute the Heavy Bolter, which can act with merciful independence in the KT dynamic. The remaining troopers are basically peasants, "enlisted" to distract and confound and otherwise annoy the opposition. I suppose, when push comes to shove, they could also shine their collective flashlights on the enemy in hopes that something worthwhile might accidentally happen. Let's let them believe.

5 STORM TROOPERS –Srgt, Power Weapon, Flamer [100]: I am very fond of the Marine-killing HS-Lasgun that these guys carry. Obviously, the comrades have been chosen for precisely that contribution. I don’t feel that the relatively short range of the gun will be an issue in games that tend to be quite close-quarter anyway. The Flamer is here to help with the Infantry-thinning potential, and the Power Weapon just in cast these guys get stuck in CC. Here’s to hoping that they don’t have to use it too often.

1 SCOUT SENTINEL, Autocannon [40]: Not the most obvious choice, I know. Certainly, the Sentinel might seem poorly suited for the sneaky nature of KT fluff but, as a Recon Team, I feel that the IG needs precisely this kind of gravity to strengthen their otherwise marshmellowy center. Much like my Terminator in the Onorevoli list from Monday, this guy is designed to make a nuisance of himself. Ideally, the high-strength AC will help keep the opposition honest. Etc.

THEORY MEETS PRACTICE: Hoorah. The Valhallans went 3-1 on the night. Pitmann brought a more diverse but still rather Elite force of Iron Warriors to the tabletop and, to be fair, there were some rather tragic-comic moments, combined with a run of rather bad rolls, on Pitmann's part (one poor Biker simply could not make it through the second turn. So it goes).

Still, the Valhallans performed well. The standard Squad ate up fire and blocked a charge or two, and then collapsed either toward or away from the action as needed with precision and distinct flare. Commendations all round. Well, they made up numbers and blocked the more important units from dire situations. Most notably, the squad-of-one rule limited Pitmann's ability to tie up or decimate the whole unit in Assault or with superior fire, offering instead only one or two at a time. At the end of the day, they're still grist for the mill, but their longevity improved tremendously. The Heavy Bolter did not kill a single figure that I remember, but rather acted as a persuasive deterrent for approaching enemy combatants.

The Storm Troopers behaved beautifully with AP3, and even brought the power weapon to bear at a pivotal moment. The Flamer didn't produce much against a thin but potent Elite force, but I would never get rid of him for that one, glorious moment when I know he'll shine brightly. The Sentinel was truly an anchor, repeatedly making real mess of Pitmann's plans.

With the volume of grist in this list, and with the anti-infantry goulash it's able to serve up, I'd say these comrades are a reasonably strong contender in Kill Team. Certainly, it felt good to redeem myself after losing three straight last time. ahem.


Grizzled Gamer said...

Congrats on the wins.
Yes, in small point games, Chaos really is hurt by the point cost of their units, even Space Marines are hurt by this.
On the other hand, IG can field a load of units even at 500 points or less.

Brian said...

Thanks Mags. The pedestrian IG really stood out in these games. It's enough to make me a believer.