Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thank you, Brent.

I usually don’t post on Saturday, but I wanted to offer a quick, hearty “thank you” to Brent from Strictly Average for the extremely generous article he has written about A Gentleman’s Ones, the first part of which you can find on Tasty Taste’s site, Blood of Kittens (now there’s a clumsy sentence). Part Two will likely be up sometime next week, so stay tuned for more...
In the mean time:

Thank you, Brent.
Thanks also to Tasty Taste.

If you are new to the site, and particularly if you have arrived from the aforementioned BoK, please make yourself at home. Come in. Take your coat off. Put your feet up. Peruse the post archive at right. If you prefer, you can search by tags. Would you like something to drink? a spritzer perhaps?

Moreover, please feel free to leave some feedback if there’s anything in particular of which you’d like to see more.

Thanks again, fellas.


Brent said...

Obviously you've not discerned my cunning plan of covering my lack of talent with your obvious glut of it!

Seriously though, to me that was an intro - Part II is much better.

(He says as he is finishing it...)

Anonymous said...

I prefer a Gin and Tonic myself, but thank you nonetheless.

I have to say you have a great site here Smoove, and I have to say that I am truly jealous of your Dwarves.

Brian said...

@ Brent. I noted, with interest, that your drink of choice is Shiner Bock. I'll be sure to remember that if I ever get the chance. The first couple of rounds are on me.

@ Blas. G and T -truly a Gentleman's drink. And it's an excellent source of Quinine if you find yourself our amongst the savages. Thank you kindly for the support. I suspect we'll be seeing more of these Dwarfs while Ref R and I learn the rules to WHFB. More to come.

Thanks again.