Monday, July 19, 2010

Thank You

Tank Yous, as we say here in Chicago
…and I mean that in either sense.

Firstly, I simply cannot thank Brent (from Strictly Average) enough for a great article lauding the merits of A Gentleman’s Ones on Blood of Kittens. Here, you can find part two of his promising new series “Strictly Stalking,” in which he covers all that is good, bad, and horrific in this wondrous blogosphere of ours. Where exactly A Gentleman’s Ones fits on the scale is best left for you to decide.

As if this kindness wasn’t already enough, Brent then shone the spotlight for a review of our “Hailed vs. Hated” series on the pages of his own blog, Strictly Average. If you’ve been wondering about the series, many of your questions should be answered here. If you’re not entirely familiar with Brent’s work, I recommend; he’s a genuine and solid voice above the din.

Secondly, I also need to thank Pappa JJ from Dice Rolla for running the most generous, thoughtful, and unconditionally kind raffle that I have ever seen. Class.

Finally, I’d like to thank Big Jim from Galaxy in Flames for the nod. Big Jim has helped open a door for me in the way I’ve been thinking about the game in general, and House Rules specifically. Plus, his Soul Reapers mini-dex is utterly amazing, and a valuable reference for anyone thinking about thinking outside the box.

That’s a lot of links for one post, but while I’m on the topic of House Rules…

Imperative: You must stop by tomorrow for an unconventional, unscheduled post. Must.

In a rare moment of gaming glory, the Right and Honorable Referee Pitmann stopped by yesterday for the opening salvo of our summer mini-campaign. In the spirit of recent posts, the game was positively teeming with House Rules and Kill Team Mission(s) the likes of which you’ve almost certainly never seen. Don’t miss it.


Papa JJ said...

A bonus post this week? Woo-hoo! Many thanks to you and Brent for giving us a behind-the-scenes look at how A Gentleman's Ones operates, the thought and planning that goes into your blog is evident in its exceptional quality. And thank you as well for participating in my own recent activities as it turned out to be a really positive experience for me. I'm grateful I was able to help out some fellow gamers.

Big Jim said...

Thanks for the nod! Your blog has been an inspiration for me in a time that had me almost take a break from blogging. Real life has been rough the last few months, and blogging it my outlet as I am not gaming as much as I used too right now.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the articles that Brent put up about you and the blog. Great stuff!

Bonus content about Kill Team and house rules tomorrow, that's Awesome!


Brian said...

Thanks fellas. I don't want to sound too much like the state rep from the "mutual appreciation society," but I do want you to know that I get as much as give from your blogs. It's a good little thing we've got carved out in this blogosphere, and I'd like to see it continue. Here. Here.


Brent said...

I really appreciate it, bsmoove. The article kicked the series off perfectly, and I've received an email from Nick that said its been successful so far.

Keep your eyes peeled on Friday for Part III!