Sunday, July 11, 2010

WIP: better to be busy than bored

It's all happening. Put simply, there are many, many more projects that I’d like to accomplish compared to the amount of time that exists on this rotating sphere. Perhaps too many. We shall see.

Three examples:

The Right Honorable Referee Pitmann has officially thrown his oversized, Ogre-shaped Warhammer Fantasy Battle gauntlet to the ground. It’s on. We have our rulebooks in hand and have every intention of reading them as soon as the world allows us. That should mean that our first calamitous, blustering games are on the horizon and bearing down quickly.

Fortuitously, this has also produced my very first commission (there may or may not be another, unrelated commission in the works as well). Indeed. I will be building and painting Ref P’s Ogres. It is an honor and a pleasure. And as my enthusiasm for WHFB builds, the work has gotten off to an aggressive start. Pitmann’s got plenty here to work with, and some more on top of that (I’ll confess that I’m a bit concerned about the Gnoblars –soooo maaaaany Gnoblars).

And, naturally, we mustn’t neglect the Daemon Prince conversion number three that I briefly mentioned last week. He’s coming along quite nicely. I’ve just about finished the putty work, and need to tidy up some details on his base and among his personal effects before the priming and painting begin in earnest. The scythe is starting to look like one, and starting to look suitably cruel, with a lovely extra piece I borrowed from the Ogres. Thank you very much, Ref P.

Oh, and lest I forget, I’ve been rather inspired our recent dabbling with the Kill Team ruleset, and doubly so by Sons of Taurus’ compelling Rough Rider conversions. So, I’ve decided to create a second “Recon Team” for the Arrugginiti –but with conversion from the Imperial Guard.

The Arrugginiti are far too exploitative and aloof to send valuable Marines off on simple scouting and information maneuvers; they leave that to the base human chaff, you see.

The list hasn’t been nailed to the floor just yet (and I intend to make this one more universally viable –minus house rules), but I’ve got a decent idea of what I’d like to see based on my KT experience with Valhallans, and based on the aforementioned conversion inspiration. I’m knee deep in a squad of basic, standard guardsmen/pawns, and I’ve made decent inroads on the first two (of seven… Nurgle demands) Rough Riders. I’m absolutely enthralled with these guys, and I’m even more fond of KT for allowing me the space to dip my toe the Traitor Guard swimming pool without having to get soaked. I think you know what I mean.

That’s a lot on the table for one time, but it’s better to be busy than bored.


sonsoftaurus said...

Wow, that's a lot of Ogres! Good luck with those. The Gnoblars are pretty simple to assemble, so unless you go into heavy conversions (you? Never!) that part should hopefully go quickly. Painting is another matter of course!

The DP is coming along nicely; I like the touch of the rats on the base.

Wow, you knocked those Chaos guardsmen out fast! They're looking great. My first thought upon seeing the guys with bare feet and long beards was, "Man, those guys have been in the field for a looong time!" ;-) The cav is looking great too, love the idea of the spear on the side of the pack.

I agree that KT is a great way to dabble in forces, I've been tempted by many armies I'd be much more hesitant to build full 1000-2000pt armies for.

Papa JJ said...

I'm excited to see you guys are catching the Fantasy enthusiasm as well, best of luck to you getting those Ogres ready. Like Sons of Taurus, I too am very impressed by the pace at which your new traitor guard are coming together. They look great and are really characterful. I love playing small point-total games like Kill Team as it's nice to try out different types of forces without having to invest too much in them. Also I've noticed that not having a table crammed full of guys has the nice effect of focusing my attention on those that are present and allows for some surprisingly dramatic games.

Grizzled Gamer said...

That is a long to do list. My first impression is that I would break down and scream if my to do list was that long. However, at second glance, I realize that my to do list is just as long, it just involves Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines only.

I wish you luck!

Brian said...

@ Taurus. You get the credit here, as you inspired both the Rough Riders and the subsequent mash of ruinous/ruined Traitor IG. Thank you, kindly.

@ JJ. This WHFB is really building momentum. The more I read, the more I'm looking forward to getting some plastic on the table.

@ Mags. Despair not. You can do it. I have every confidence. oh, and you've convinced me to go check out Gamer's Lounge Podcast. This will be my first adventure with podcasting. No pressure.