Wednesday, August 4, 2010


You may have noticed. A Gentleman’s Ones is progressing quite nicely. A few weeks back, I hit 100 posts and didn’t even realize that I’d done so amid the tidal swell and crest of Daemon Princes, Commissions, a Mini-Campaign, Kill Team Revisions, etc. And, naturally, these things have inertia. With much gratitude to Brent over at Strictly Average and to Ryan at Tuesday Top 10, the blog has recently surpassed the “100 followers” benchmark as well. Tremendous!

It’s all happening very, very quickly, and the realizations mentioned above have caught me a little flat-footed. Nevertheless, flat-footed or otherwise, I’ve been shook to attention and inspired to take stock of the blog itself.

Of course, it’s not all glory, sunshine, and carnage here at A Gentleman’s Ones and, in the spirit of the “warts and all” ideology of this blog, I recognize with burning clarity that my Banner (which is really two halves: title and photo of dice) lacks a certain something. It’s dull and amateurish… painfully so.

I am envious beyond reckoning of the banners you will undoubtedly know from blogs like:

…and this is just to name a few of the dynamic (dare I say it, sexy) Banners that I admire. Alas. I am technologically stunted, and incapable of recreating anything of the kind you see above.

THE COMPETITION: Here’s where you come in. All of you. Everyone is welcome to enter.

Your Mission (should you choose to accept it) is to CREATE ONE OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL BANNERS for me.

You can do it however you like. You can create your own image. You can rip images from my blog, but preferably not elsewhere (nor in a manner that tramples someone else’s intellectual property). You may manipulate any images with photoshop, or whatever else you deem necessary. You may be clever, but preferably not cute. You may abandon my not-so-witty subtitle. You may introduce another that you feel would be more appropriate, but this is not at all necessary.

The Banner is your oyster.  

Please submit your entry via email [gentlemanonesATgmailDOTcom] by Midnight, August 30.

THE SWAG: Here’s what you win.

Inspired by Pappa JJ over at Dice Rolla, all entries will be winners -which is to say every individual who submits a banner will receive some form of consolation from the rather large pile of swag that I’ve accumulated in a recent re-reorganization of my workspace. Behold:

But in a slightly more accurate way, there will be ONE clear winner whose Banner I will adopt for the edification and gentrification of A Gentleman’s Ones. That Banner will be chosen by me based on the arbitrary criteria of good taste and breeding (my own). In case of a tie or general indecisiveness, I will defer to the opinion of The Right and Honorable Referee Pitmann and/or my lovely wife.

Let’s take another look at that swag:

I presume that the winner will covet what I consider the “top two” prizes, the Stormlord and the Valkyrie, but I am open to renegotiation should your army already include four of each, or whatnot. I am flexible. And again, EVERYONE WINS!!!

…including me.

Oh, I also have these sporty numbers to help augment your cool:

In Summation:
1. Build me a Banner.
2. Submit it in email [gentlemanonesATgmailDOTcom] along with your proper name, pseudo-name, website (where applicable), and mailing address (so I don’t have to chase you down later).
3. Do so before Midnight, August 30.
4. Wait patiently.
5. Win swag no matter how pants or brilliant your entry, and have it delivered directly to your doorstep.
6. Bask in the shared glory of A Gentleman’s Ones.

Life should always be this easy.

p.s. speaking of an easy life and technological savvy... particular thanks to Casey Dean for the tip that sorted a problem I was having earlier with my links. I'll confess that I fully understand neither the problem nor the solution, but that's hardly new.


Gonewild40k said...

This is a very cool contest, B- with lots of great prizes. There is something about your current banner that I like- I hope you continue to use it in some capacity on your blog after the contest is over.

Brent said...

I am so winning this one!

Casey Dean said...

Is there anything that you are looking for or any idea you had? I work much better when I have some direction.

PS. about the fonts, make sure that you haven't overwritten them with something else. When CSS is read it goes by a line-by-line basis so check to make sure there is no overlapping.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Well thank you for the compliment good sir! I shall ponder your challenge for a bit and see what I can come up with...

Big Jim said...

What a Groovy contest!

Anonymous said...

Wicked contest now I have to learn how to do banners so I can enter

Papa JJ said...

Very cool! With such excellent motivation, I'm sure there will be no shortage of awesome entries. I too lack the techno-knowwhats to make a banner (no doubt a shocking confession when considering the graphical brilliance of my own site... hehe) but I'm really excited to see the results you get. Best of luck to all!

Brian said...

Thank you one and all. The entries are already coming in (though I wouldn't describe them as "pouring" just yet).

Remember, you need not submit something brilliant, or even feasible, to count as an entrant. You need merely submit something to win your share of swag!!!

Nuclear said...
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Nuclear said...

How do you feel about multiple banners entered per person? I have a few ideas floating in my head, and the more choices the better, eh?

Would not expect to count as 2 separate entries or anything.

Brian said...

@ Nuclear. By all means, enter as many ideas as you are willing and able. I'll certainly be interested to see whatever you create.

Mark said...

Wwhy the hell wouldn't I make one for this? Hmmm, now for an idea...

fester said...

I have to admit, as a competitor in this "competition" I am very keen to see everyone's submissions :)

I bet some of these are spec-freaking-tacular!

Nuclear said...

I concur with Fester, I hope you plan on posting all of the entries.

Also, any idea how you will go about prize selection. Please don't take this as me being overeager or greedy; just curious if its gonna be first come first served on choices, if you plan on giving priority via ranking the entries or something.