Friday, August 6, 2010

Daemon Prince III: Finished

And here he is.

Actually, I always feel a bit furtive when I type something the word “finished” in a post like this one,  mostly because it's never particularly… well… true. I never quite finish a model completely before it seems completed for me for the first time. Inevitably, it will sit for a period and then I 'll take another look -or worse yet, I'll take a photo or two like these- and the oversights, missteps, mistakes, and whatnot simply leap toward me. There are always plenty. Always.   

Sometimes, I do this by design: For example, I’ve not completed the eyes on this Daemon Prince just yet. That kind of finicky detail will be left to the side until I either find a proper moment between other projects, or summon this fellow for duty on the tabletop.

Sometimes, I do not: I’m considering adding another layer of resin to fill up the water effect at his feet a bit more fully (a portion ran out the tiniest of tiny holes during my first effort. Top Tip for resin users: be sure whatever you hope to hit with resin is tight like a drum. Tighter, in fact).

On Sunday, when I showed the WIP for this fellow, I mentioned that he was the third of my Daemon Princes for the Arrugginiti (for more info on my CSM, see tags at right), and I lamented that I’d not really thought of names or proper fluff for any of them to date.

And then White Dwarf appeared in my mailbox yesterday (yes, I both read the articles and look at the pictures). Right there on page 14, in a blurb about a web article called “Saga of the Daemon Princes,” I read the following:

“To help those players who want to cook up names and backgrounds for their own Daemon Princes, the article also includes a simple name generator, and enough stories and ideas to spark any imagination. So whether you’re an avid fan of the Dark Gods, or just fancy delving into the dark background of the Daemon Princes of Chaos, the sagas await.”

Indeed. It’s like they know me.

To conclude, I'd like to offer you a gratuitous shot of all the Arrugginiti personalities together in one grand mess. Front left is my Typhus. Behind him is the Lord formerly known as Amnitolo (I'll either have to find a way to resurrect him, or make fluffy excuses for his failure in Hailed vs. Hated). At right is the Winged Champion who had been demoted to a simple Aspiring Champion for my Raptors but who might be promoted again because of his illegal weaponry. And of course, the Daemon Princes. We know that they hate the Blood Angels, but little more at this point. More on that soon(ish).


MJ;-) said...

Cool that WD hooked you up.

For background and names for Daemons (and even Lords/Sorcerers), I turn to an excellent book someone once gave me.

"Who in Hell...A Guide to the Whole Damned Bunch" by Sean Kelly and Rosemary Rodgers.

It is an encyclopedia of the damned - detailing the names and backgrounds of numerous daemons from all kinds of mythologies/religions, real live and dead people (e.g., Hitler), and even some fictional folks of the damned. It explains why they are damned or what ethos they come from - perfect for when you want to find a name of a Daemon of Pestilence for your Nurgle Daemon... ;-)

The pair also wrote a book "Saints Preserve Us!: Everything You Need to Know about Every Saint You'll Ever Need", but I have yet to pick that particular volume up.

Big Jim said...

That's an outstanding looking command group! I think the new Prince turned out nicely, you really made him fit in well.

I cannot wait to see what you do with the new Daemon Prince kit.


Grizzled Gamer said...

Excellent work. I really love what you did with the limited palette. This guy definitely has to be a Nurgle DP, I am curious what kind of wings would go on Mr. Toad.

Cuz as scary as a Daemon Prince is, they are even scarier when they can fly!

Brian said...

@ MJ. Brilliant tip. I've reserved a copy already. Thank you.

@ Big Jim. Cheers. I'm chomping on the bit for that new kit, but it's going to have to wait a few weeks at least. ahhhh.

@ Mags. Mr. Toad! Perfect. He's been christened. The vomiting DP will be the one with wings, for certain. It would be impossible not to model that figure. ...

jabberjabber said...

Got to hand it to you -- these are awesome pieces of work. I'm inspired by them.