Friday, August 27, 2010

Killzone: Adepticon

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Ogre Skin Recipe post to bring you an important message:

If you’ve not heard already, please check the announcements over at the AdeptiCon Development site and Big Jim’s Galaxy in Flames. Big Jim is an absolute star, and his brainchild is growing with a near reckless abandon. Behold! Killzone. 

Yep. Yours truly will be hosting a tremendous series of Special Operations: Killzone games at Adepticon 2011. There’s an incredible team of people ironing out the particulars for Killzone as I type, and the ruleset is coming together just beautifully.

Space will be limited, so please don’t miss out. The tables that I’m preparing will make the Sin of Alacrity blush with shame and humility. That’s a fact.  

In the mean time, I’ve started building the first two of what will certainly become many Killzone Special Operations Groups. Inspired by my recent painting adventures with WH39.9K and his Rogue Trader Chaos Marines (more on them soon), I’ve decided to resurrect several of my own old models and finally give them the attention they so richly deserve.

Here’s a quick WIP of the first two “standard” Rogue Trader era Tactical Marines (many years later, and these guys still make me scratch my head).

The remainder of the first Special Operations Group is pictured below in all their stripped and eager glory. Three of these guys (top left, middle, and bottom left) were rescued from the dregs of my basement shelves, while remaining three have been pinched from the “armor through the ages” (or whatever) release from GW. Stay tuned for more.  

…but the fun doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the quite remarkable kindness of Derina, I’m also starting a second Special Ops Group of OOP Chaos Marines. Herein lies the beauty of a project like Killzone: with so few models to paint, it’s almost imperative that one try his hand at as many ideas as appear, if and when they will. As a matter of fact, I’m already cooking up a third idea... Mechanicus.

It just doesn’t stop.

Perhaps you can’t hear it from there, but this Heavy Bolter CSMarine is absolutely screaming, “I am awesome.” True.

Back to the Ogres on Sunday. See you then.


The Inner Geek said...

Adepticon is so far away... geographically in particular. Any chance there will be Killzone stuff going on at WarCon or whatever it might be called in Austin next year? That's much closer to me... geographically speaking.

Grizzled Gamer said...

Congrats on the Adepticon!

Secondly, I really like the table for your Sins campaign, so I am really looking forward to seeing what you do for the Adepticon table.

Last, but not least, I am eager to see what you cook up up for the rest of your Killzone Team.

Big Jim said...

Simply Glorious!

I will do everything in my power to get to Chi-town and lend you a hand with the event!


Big Jim said...

Oh yeah, Inner Geek, if they express interest maybe I could travel down and do an event, or someone else could step up and do it.

The rules will be readily available, once they are complete.


Brian said...

@ Inner Geek. I would absolutely leap at the opportunity to shift myself down to WargameswhathaveyouCon next year.

@ Mags. Cheers mate. You are too kind.

@ Big Jim. I'd feel sleazy if you weren't here. Let's make it happen. Maybe we should take this show on the road?

Big Jim said...

I would love to do a killzone roadshow! Now if I only had proper funding, I would go everywhere.

It might be time to play the lottery! lol


Von said...

I love those old Chaos Space Marines with the heavy weapons. The missile launcher was a bit lacklustre, but the others? Rock. And/or roll.

Papa JJ said...

This is great news. Sheer, unmitigated awesomeness to the max, and so on. I'm very excited to see what you concoct for your Killzone games at Adepticon, and congratulations to Big Jim for starting something that has resonated so strongly. Now if only I can figure out how to rig the lotto so that the Killzone Roadshow can happen as well.

jabberjabber said...

Awesome work mate!

Brian said...

Cheers Fellas. More to come soon enough!