Friday, August 13, 2010

OOP week: the rest of it

 I’ve had some fun this week trundling through the miniature catastrophes that make up my early adventures in 40K –or I should rather say "painting 40K" as I never actually played a proper game (Space Hulk obviously does not count) until the millennium. To finish the fun, I’ve saved these two utterly bizarre examples from that era:

First, you will no doubt be able to tell that I only had two or perhaps three (usually primary) colors up my sleeve, and that I wasn’t afraid to use them again, and again, and again... and then again. But this Space Marine is just beyond my ken. On the one hand, I’m inclined to leave him be; on the other, I can’t stand to look at the pastel nightmare. It genuinely, physically hurts me to know that such a seemingly unique and interesting figure is buried underneath that purple, green, blue nightmare. What was happening here? I suspect that I’ll have to repaint him… but Wow. Just. Wow.

Perhaps he could make the second recruit to the Onorevoli's Veteran Squad. I'm not yet sure. I just feel the compulsion to fix this.  

Finally, I’d like to say that I, for one, miss the days when the Eldar were more camp Bowie groupies and less dying ancient race of blah blah; just the sight of these guys had me singing (internally) “Bowie’s in Space” (“This is Bowie back to Bowie: can you read me out there, man? ooh yeah man”).  While I loathe the colors on the unfortunate SM above, it all works for me with these jumbled morsels of calamity… excepting the hair. The hair must go.

By the way, if you observe the base on the left, you can see just how little experience I had in 40K at the time. Honestly, I had no idea.

Thank you, as ever, for indulging me on this whimsical amble down memory lane. See you Sunday when we return for the regularly scheduled, and much less garish I promise, program. 


Da Masta Cheef said...

Ya know lavender & Turquoise clash horribly, so i think that guy has Slaanesh written all over him, I say leave it as is!

The Inner Geek said...

More spiffy old minis. The Eldar certainly did have a different feel to them back in those days. I guess everything has to evolve though.

Big Jim said...

I loved the look of the Eldar back in the day! A healthy mix of chainmail and Carapace armor is win in my book!

Thanks for taking us down memory lane this week, it's been fun!


Brian said...

Cheers lads. I'm pleased that you enjoyed all this wonderful ridiculousness. We'll get back to the program on Sunday and Monday. Promise.

Thanks again for the support.