Sunday, August 8, 2010

WIP: ongoing commission work

I’ve been working a bit more on the OOP CSM for WH39.9K (now that’s a sentence one doesn’t get to type on just any day. I almost feel obligated to throw in a gratuitous VIP or OMG, etc).  We’ve had some correspondence, and reviewed both the aesthetic and the specific colors of each model. WH39.9K has some really interesting (and specific) ideas about the direction and composition for these figures, as each individual is the model for a subsequent unit of 10.

I cannot wait to see all 50 of these guys at one time. Until then...

1. For this first guy, I added a bit of the bone color on, appropriately enough, the skulls. This helps tie him to the other color schemes and breaks up all that red and gold. I also tried to push the darks and the highlights a bit further not only in order to make the red less brilliant but also to make the contrast more pronounced.

2. (quickly becoming my favorite). I added the bone color to his Chainsword for internal consistency.

3. Initially, WH39.9K and I agreed that this guy was the weakest link. While I still feel that he might be the most problematic in terms of the age and aesthetic of his sculpt, I think he’s come a long way back toward the fold. Funnily enough, the answer was pretty simple. I blackened the shoulder and the shin guards to move this guy away (visually speaking) from the first color scheme. So far. So good.

4. In his initial outline, WH39.9K asked for this guy’s helmet to be red, which I totally flaked on in my first run. Doh. While I’ve fixed that particular oversight, WH39.9K isn’t convinced by the scheme as a whole. While I really like this guy, I must also remember not to get attached.

Alas. As I type this, OOP CSM#4 is in the tub getting his paint stripped. We’re going to try again with another color entirely.

5. Still my current favorite despite some formidable challenges from #2. I added some red to his hip guards and bone to his knee to bring all the colors of the army together. Undoubtedly, this guy is a little “cheesy,” but it is precisely this quirkiness that appeals to me for some reason -that, and the tail. The tail just kills me.

And that's the sum of where we stand at the moment. With the one obvious exception, I believe that 1, 2, 3, and 5 are, for better or worse, complete. 

On that note, I should warn you that we'll be seeing more OOP 40K this week, and it's going to get ugly -unequivocally, horrifically ugly.


Big Jim said...

Seeing these badboys painted really floods me with glorious memories!

This is gonna be a fantastic looking army, I can't wit to see 50 of these guys in the group shot!


Brian said...

Cheers mate. I'm really looking forward to it. In fact, I'm more than slightly envious of the entire project. More temptations.