Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Banner Contest: And the Winner is…

In a way, you are all winners... but, in a slightly more accurate way, Karitas is the winner. Congratulations.

Of course, that doesn’t tell the full story. I was simply stunned by both the volume and the quality of the entries. In total, I received something like 30+ submissions from over 20 entrants. That’s a lot of good stuff to look at (much, much more than I’d anticipated at the outset, to be candid). At the end of the day, you, the gentle readers, have genuinely impressed me with your talent and sense and general visual savvy. I had to coerce a solid opinion out of my lovely wife to help make the decision, as I was simply overwhelmed by all the gloriousness.

Even the act of narrowing a final five was fraught with second-guessing and general wonderment. Here are the remaining four from what we were able to narrow down:

Menzie -Cadian 512

Fester -Fester 40K

Grie Velom

I would feel remiss if I didn't also show you these two “honorable mentions,” based on good taste, bad taste, humor, and general class.

Rabidchild -Pick a Damn Army

...and Menzie again for pure graphic comedy brilliance. ouch

In the days that follow, you may notice that the banner rotates between the above (and perhaps even one or two more if I get the gumption). With all the quality floating around to choose from, it seems a blind shame not to, really.  

As mentioned, and in the spirit of the “trophy generation” that is now, everyone who enters wins something. I’ve organized piles of loot and will be sending those out to the contestants later in the week.

Also, if you entered and if I’ve not contacted you about this previously, please send me note to let me know if you would like me to add a L or an XL t-shirt to your swag pile. Yep, t-shirts. And why not.   

I would like to say congratulations and thank you to Karitas. I would also like to say brilliant work, gentle readers. Thank you and thank you again, one and all. 


sonsoftaurus said...

Definitely a lot of good entries there!

The best thing is, you can rotate!

Papa JJ said...

Wow! These banner look great, no wonder it was so tough to select an overall winner. Congratulations to Karitas and to everyone else who entered as well. That last one really got me laughing... great stuff!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Heehee, without even knowing what his entry would be (assuming there even was one) I figured Karitas would take this contest. I rather like Fester 40k's entry myself.

Mark said...

Kudos to Menzie and Grie for using actual gentlemen. Nice job everyone!

Menzies Tank said...

Well done to Karitas, and all who entered! :)

Karitas said...

Thankyou B.Smoove,

I'm actually humbled, and some of those entries are really wicked. Good show indeed.

Particularly the artist's who used gentlemen :)

Casey Dean said...

Great Job everyone, and especially to Karitas, very very nice!
- Grie V.

Big Steve said...

Some excellent entries, congrats to Karitas and to the rest of the final five. Quite glad my own meagre entry wasn't put up next to those, it'd be a bit of an embarrassment.

Grizzled Gamer said...

It would have been a hard choice for me to choose between Menzie and Karitas; both of those entries are fantastice.
However, I really like the actual use of Gentlemen!
Karitas on the other hand really embodies the essence of your armies. Great entries!

Nuclear said...

Some very nice banners all. I can't believe I didn't think to go the olde-timey route...oh well

Thanks for putting up such a cool contest B.Smoove.

fester said...

Wow, just Wow.

If I have one criticism of Karitas's (and I'm not sure if he tried this) there should be some little definition between layered models just so we can pick out where one stops and the next starts.

However, that's me being picky. Wow! Better than my job!

Kudos to the guys that used actual Gentleman, especially Menzie who has the gents playing a wargame on that table (looks like terrain to me!)

b.smoove, I'll flick you an email with a quick question I have for you shortly!! :)

An Enemy said...

Some excellent submissions here! I had no idea of the level of competition I'd be facing with my very meager photoshop skills.

Brent said...

I agree with an enemy... I didn't have a chance to put something together for the competition, now I see it wouldn't have mattered!

Some great entries here.

Sidney Roundwood said...

What an awesome contest, a worthy winner, some wonderful runners up. All in all, really inspiring. A great blog and a great blog post.

Brian said...

Thank you very, very much. I can't say that enough. Genuinely. Thank you.

Congratulations to the winners, of course, but really congratulations to everyone that participated in one way or another. The response has been overwhelming.

When I first conceived this "competition," I thought that I might get anywhere between 5-10 entries. At most. More than 20 people submitted an idea. Many entrants submitted several ideas, and I've been simply astonished by the talent out there.

Now I've seen several comments here amounting to the notion that the winners were much better or whatnot that one's particular entry. While that may be true in one manner or another, consider this: every single entry was much, much better than anything I could have produced (all 30+ of them), so that puts me several links down the technological talent chain.

With so much to choose from, I have absolutely every intention to rotate banners from one week to another, as the gumption moves me. I even expect to include an entry or two that you've not seen yet, which should keep you on your toes.

Gentlemen, again, thank you.

Ref Pitman said...

You certainly had a difficult task deciding this one. Man, it is very impressive to see how artistic and talented the people are who entered.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Man, these look pretty good. Actually, very, very good. Hard choice without a doubt. I also really wanted to submit an entry, but oh well.. I still need one for MY blog. ;P
Congratulations for the people who got stuff, for the winners of this little competition and congratulations to you, Brian, for the splendid banners that will greet your visitors with their splendor! :)