Friday, September 3, 2010

Commission: Rogue Trader CSM

Well, the banner contest/swagfest has come and gone. I hope you like the new look for A Gentleman’s Ones: banner, template, and all that. Certainly, the changes have made me feel that the site has taken one giant step from amateurish to smoove.

Thanks once more to all of the entrants. Beautiful. Alarming at times, but beautiful. With only one or two exceptions, the swag in question has been sent. Entrants, keep an eye on the post next week –or a bit longer than that for those across one pond or the other.

Likewise, keep an eye on this space. With so many tremendous ideas to choose from, I’m going to rotate the banner from time to time, which should be highly entertaining.

Finally, I’ve finished the first (and most dynamically challenging) round of commission work for WH39.9K. The minis are off and in the post. If UPS is to be believed, they arrived sometime yesterday (fingers crossed). We spent a lot of time working out color schemes and details to be certain that the army looked exactly how WH39.9K wanted it, and that each unit would work well individually. It was a process, to be sure.

For example, this poor fellow is on his third iteration now. The first time round, he looked dark and menacing (pictured above).

That wasn’t working, so I stripped him in soylent green and tried again. WH39.9K had a rather unexpected idea with regard to this bone theme. To be candid, at first I wasn’t particularly sure.  I'll admit. I hesitated: in part because I liked the first guy; in part, because I wasn't sure I'd like the bone. Then the colors grew on me until I became quite fond of the scheme. This happens to me more often than I’d like to admit. Often the most difficult or challenging schemes are the ones that have the most appeal to me in the end. I’m not entirely certain if it’s because I remember the effort involved or because they merit my affection. Either way. I’m a convert.

In fact, I became so fond of the color scheme, I’ve decided to make my first dedicated Loyalist Special Operations Group for Killzone in these colors (pictured here). I’ve also taken some inspiration from WH39.9K’s Rogue Traders aesthetic and decided that the entire Special Ops Group will be Rogue Trader. There’s plenty more of that in the works, and I highly recommend that you click both the AdeptiCon logo (which takes you to their development site) and the Killzone logo (which takes you to Big Jim’s site –the father of Killzone). You’ll be hearing much, much more about both of these in the months to come.

Well, back to the topic at hand. Unfortunately, WH39.9K was not nearly so keen on the scheme, and asked that dump the poor fellow in soylent green once more. I couldn’t bring myself to do that and had, in the meantime, located a nearly identical mini on ebay. So, I painted that one new old fellow in a third scheme, which seems to have done the trick.

He did, however, like the backpack on the bone-colored mini, so the rather challenging and maligned mini number three got another touch up in that particular area. So it goes. I think he's finally done.

WH39.9K should now have in his possession all six of the original color schemes. I am biased here, admittedly, but I think they look absolutely tremendous. Behold.


Da Masta Cheef said...


Pics like these really make me miss a lot of the old sculpts (of which, so many of mine have gone the way of ebay).

Grizzled Gamer said...

Great work. Much more so that the current Chaos Line, these guys looks extremely demented, mutated and all around nasty.

Nuclear said...

I agree, the old sculpts from way back when certainly have a unique charm to them. I recently acquired some old harlequins, and have been really enjoying painting them up.

Warhammer39999 said...

They did arrive last night on my doorstep, and I got a chance to get a quick peek at them this morning before I rushed out to work and from what I saw, I'm pleased as punch.

I'll be sure to write-up a more formal review of the models on a blog post of my own, but expect some very positive feedback. :)

Big Jim said...

Great looking minis! I look forward to seeing the RT SOG finished and in the final Killzone book!


jabberjabber said...

I really like the old RT chaos renegade miniatures - completely agree with Mags. Great colour scheme!

Karitas said...

Those old school rt marines look absoultle the buisness.

dont get me wrong the chaos marines are awesome too, but those other guys just have a place in my heart :)

i also really used to love the imperial guard precursors with the bat-wing shoulderpads :)

Brian said...

Thanks fellas. I told WH39.9K that if he were ever to dump this Rogue Trader army, I'd like to be the first to know. Honestly, I'd leap at the opportunity. In fact, it was harder than I expected to put these guys in the post.

I'm glad you all like it too.

Joe Gekko said...

Everything looks great, B, the minis and the new layout. Stay Smoove!