Friday, September 17, 2010

Killzone: Arrugginiti

Because it would be rude not to, I assembled a Special Operations Group for my CSM chapter, the Arrugginiti.

Here were my initial thoughts.

Special Operations Group I: Rustolf’s Ruggine
Terminator: PF
Raptor I, II: Meltagun
Aspiring Champion Raptor: PW Team Leader
Chaos Space Marine I, II, III, IV:

That’s all well and good, but (after Wednesday’s post) I immediately realized that this list doesn’t  take proper advantage of  the full range of wargear and skills that make SO: Killzone such a brilliant game dynamic. My instinct, it seems, was tending to drift toward more standard situations, more bland creations. As a result, I'd assembled reasonably mundane figures on the Team. There was, quite simply, no personality to speak of between all four CSM or the first two Raptors. 

And so I revised.

The second time around, I started to consider the individual nature and personality of each model; moreover, I genuinely felt that each individual had a specific and appropriate roll to play in the way this Team might operate on the table. Herein lies the beauty of KZ.

Special Operations Group II: Senza Speranza
Aspiring Champion Raptor: PW, Master Crafted, Team Leader
Raptor: Pistol CCW, Specialist Assault +1A,
Terminator: PF
Chaos Space Marine I:
Chaos Space Marine II: Meltagun
Havoc: HB, Targeter

Just a few tweaks here and there (master crafted power weapon, assault specialist, and targeter), and the  personality really begins to leap out of this assemblage. Now. On another day, I would have described my enthusiasm for Special Operations: Killzone as somewhere between "strong" and "very strong."

At the risk of superbly overblown hyperbole, I love Killzone. l-o-v-e. love. While these action photos are from a purely hypothetical ambush, in which a bumbling squad of the emperor’s minions were crushed in a lightning strike from Team Senza, I can already sense the manner in which these narratives want to build themselves… pure potential. And it's only going to get better.

Away we go. 


CounterFett said...

Good teams. I especially love the (Sanguinary) Raptors. I had thought about doing that very conversion myself. Only thing keeping me from it was my Khorne Berzerkers which I (still) have not totally finished.


Big Jim said...

That second team is glorious! Skills and the other unique upgrades really bring the teams in a SOG to life.

I will need to put up a few Killzone lists in the near future. I'll be showing examples at the higher end with two team SOG's.