Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recipe: Blood

I missed my post yesterday on account of life and whatnot. Apologies. So today, we’ll have an otherwise unscheduled post to atone for the hobby-shaped hole on this site.

I’ve had a few questions about this one over the months, so without further ado, my Blood Recipe.

By and large, I still use the last precious drops of the old GW inks for my bloody concoctions: Flesh Wash, Magenta Ink, and Purple Ink (just a little of this last one). Time is limited on this aspect of the recipe, and my supply is dwindling, but not to worry. I’ve experimented modestly with the new washes, and I am reasonably confident that they will work perfectly: Baal Red, Leviathan Purple, and perhaps Gryphonne Sepia.

The first two inks keep the blood effect relatively, well, bloody (I’m not sure how else to say that, really), while the Purple Ink brings out the deeper, and more gritty, hues of clotting blood. The Purple is fundamental, in my opinion. Finally, the Gloss Coat ensures that it all looks properly wet and gory. For me, this is great fun.

Generally speaking, I work through the above either in small layers (as with the chalice and the drops underneath it), or in a splotchy mixture that isn’t properly blended so that the colors stand individually from one another of sorts. 

This last part is tricky and merits a bit more discussion. I dab a bit of each out with some space between them on my palette so that I can drag them toward a generous base of Gloss Coat (‘Ard Coat, I think they call it) in the middle. The Gloss Coat, if left to its own devises, will keep the individual components of the mixture apart from one another, so I try to stir enough to bring the colors together… but only just.

The application is the real sport to all of this. I dab an old brush until it’s loaded up with my mixture, again being sure not to accidentally stir too much. I’ll take an extra bit of tissue and brace it over any part of the figure that I don’t want spattered, and then blow aggressively against the end of the brush form a short distance.

It’s a mess, a bloody mess. Just they way it should be.


Loquacious said...

Love the "blowing" technique. It's a great idea I forgot I knew.

Casey Dean said...

If you wish to get some of the old inks Coat D'Arms actually originally made GW's paint line. So here is the link to their old inks:

Coat D'Arms

Great work on the blood effect, it looks very realistic!

Brian said...

@ Loqu. Cheers mate. I've been looking for an excuse to use it again, but I've not been able to make it fit for a while. Hopefully an upcoming project will afford me the opportunity... and some updated photos thereof.

@ Casey. You LEGEND!!! I had no idea. This is a tremendous gift. oh man oh man oh man oh man. You don't know what you've just done for me.
Thank you. Thank you.

Rabidchild said...

Smoove, I linked to this blood tutorial long ago in the wee early hours of my blog's existence. Here it is again because it is simply revolutionary: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?autocom=ineo&showarticle=298

That said, I love the colors and spatter pattern you have created here. Top notch.

Casey Dean said...

You're quite welcome! Think of it as repayment for the great quality work you produce here!

Brian said...

Cheers RabidChild. That tutorial was brilliant. Nice one.