Sunday, September 19, 2010

WIP: Random and Bookkeeping

First Bookkeeping: There are exactly three Honorable Contestants from the Competition/Swagfest that might be wondering about said swag, but who remain otherwise too polite to ask. You know who you are. Your goods are in the mail this week. I promise. Thank you for your patience.

Second E-Bay: How I adore ebay. With significantly less time for painting and more time on the computer for mature, professional reasons, I’ve redirected my hobby interests to suit the unfortunate climate in which I find myself. If I can’t come to the hobby, then the hobby will come to me. Actually, I’ve been on a bit of an ebay glut lately. Too much time on the computer, and really during the tedious hours any excuse will do to troll page after page after page of random combinations of search words. It’s amazing what one will find.

These peculiar beauties arrived on my doorstep after an unexpectedly rewarding search of “warhammer, plastic, oop.” It’s that easy sometimes.

Am I correct in thinking that these randoms come from some GW-Mattel experiment of the late 80’s mid 90’s? I’ve never seen them before. Well, there’s some work to do yet, obviously, but all of this will be formed to fit (somewhere, somehow) into the current Killzone landscape.

Speaking of, I mentioned last week that I’ll be reworking my Black Reach Orks into proper Special Operation Groups and whatnot. I posted an experimental list last week, but also mentioned that I needed to rework the color scheme on these guys to distinguish them visually from other armies that I’ve created since.

Bad Moonz Yellow: to be candid, I’ve never loved yellow. The consistency of the paint has always been problematic for me, and I’ve never been able to find a compelling recipe of my own devising. Well, one way or the other, I’m determined to make this work.

My first efforts: There are actually about four layers of color here already, but I’m not yet pleased with the results. Certainly, they stand out distinctly from any other army that I've made... ever, but there's more work to be done before these guys are properly orked up. Once I’ve banged out the appropriate, satisfactory, and suitable details, I’ll post the recipe.

In fact, I declare this week recipe week. 


Unknown said...

I think the yellow looks good mate, I tend to paint a layer over Iyanden darksun ot Tau sept ochre, they are a good base colour for the yellow (which we all know is crap!)

I think a wash of a yellow/brown will tie the colour to the rest of your models.

And your right the models are very eye catching too!

Eltnot said...

The models that you won on ebay are from Space Crusade. Basically Space Hulk but with normal marines instead of termies.

Those are Tarantulas and space marines with Multi Meltas.

Pacific said...

They're actually from the 'Space Crusade' add-on, 'Mission Dreadnought'

I think this pic is from the German version of the game (which was really toned down, the multi-melta had become a glue gun which stuck enemies to the floor!)

A great find though :)

Papa JJ said...

Sounds like it's going to be a great week, I'm excited to see what recipes you share with us. Any help with yellow is always appreciated. Your Orks already look great, though, so I'm quite curious how you plan on improving them.

Brent said...

I had that set as a kid - it's probably what got me started in the hobby in the first place.

I've turned my three in to Zaapp Guns! :)

The Inner Geek said...

I had advanced space crusade, but I must have missed out on these guys by not having Space Crusade (and the apparent add on).

I look forward to seeing a recipe for yellow!

Derina said...

Try Cygnus yellow from P3.

Big Jim said...

This is how I do yellow:

Hope it is helpful.


Brian said...

Wow. Thanks fellas. That's a really kind and helpful series of responses. To be candid, I'm blown away first, by the help identifying those random models (yes, I've done a few subsequent and specific searches on ebay since, but all the bargains seem to have dried up), and second by all the good tips and genuinely useful advice after one modest post about touching up an ork or two.

You guys are brilliant.