Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Killzone: Adepticon

You may know already, but the Pre-Registration for AdeptiCon is open for your perusal. In particular, I’d like to direct your attention toward three events that are already filling up nicely (cough, cough).

Special Operations: Killzone at AdpetiCon. Here’s the schedule with links to the registration page:

Do it. Do it.

And while you contemplate your schedule, I’ll dim the lights and set the mood with some photos I took at the event just this last year. The first photo above demonstrates the carnage. The second photo to our left (compliments of Wyatt -cheers) demonstrates the quality of the carnage.
Indeed, last year was my first visit to the immense and bustling halls of AdeptiCon, and I’ll confess that I experienced some modest trepidation beforehand.
I’m not a tournament player, you see, and much of what I’d seen on the internet lead me to believe that all tournaments were infested with win-at-all-cost wackjobs. Moreover, the internet reliably informed me that a mere brush with tournament mayhem would leave me in a bad mood for weeks, nay months. I should consider myself lucky if my entire disposition toward the human race remained unscathed.

I needn’t have worried.
Of course, I wasn’t intuitively attracted to the tournament play, although after the fact I was duly impressed by the style, demeanor, and general good manners of all the tournament gaming that I witnessed. I was left with the very firm impression that it was all really quite tremendous banter. Indeed, were I not deeply involved with this Special Operations: Killzone this year, I had every intention of trying my hand at a piece of tournament play or two this time around. So it goes. As it stands, I may take another stab at competitive painting, but we'll just have to see about that.

Well. In the end, the element that called me to AdeptiCon last year was the Seminars –the countless, brilliant seminars. Admittedly, I only participated in a modest two seminars last year (Hirst casting, pictured left, and Joe Orteza’s class on greenstuff), but each course helped my hobby in more ways than I could appropriately quantify here.

I’m trying to work in an airbrushing seminar this year (it’s going to be tricky, but hope’s spring is eternal). And that’s the genius of AdeptiCon; the actual game play is massive, but only one element among many possibilities on the weekend.
I must add another reason that AdeptiCon was genuinely impressive last year, and perhaps the primary for which I am excited to return. I met quite a few really class people -one of whom is just off camera to the left in this photo.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I sat across from Papa JJ –of DiceRolla fame- at the Hirst seminar and we had a brief chat about some absolutely brilliant scenery he built in its entirety right there during the course. That’s talent. And right there, I could tell he was sound as a pound. Since then, I feel we’ve struck something of a friendship and that, to put it simply, is a particularly unexpected and pleasant part of the AdeptiCon experience. We're already in the process of arranging a polite one or two "friendlies" during the weekend. And there's so much more...

In summation: Pre-Register, and I’ll see you there.


Papa JJ said...

The Hirst Arts seminar was probably the most enjoyable of the weekend for me. Two hours of messy fun and you then walk away with your own terrain piece. What's could be better? That was also a very fortuitous meeting, it's been a pleasure getting to know you since then and I look forward to seeing you in the Spring. Take care!!

DrGabe said...

+1 to what BSmooth said.
Last year was my first Adepticon as well and it was great. Sure there are a few of those guys (those tournament players)- but most everyone are just great gamers looking for the same fun you are.

I'll be playing Killzone this year on Friday. I look forward to seeing you there! Plus JJ says you are a good guy. That's all I need to know. :)

HuronBH said...

I really have to agree that Adepticon is great for meeting and making unexpected friends that you never would have got to know if not for you both attending Adepticon. Last year was my first time attending, and I have many friends whose blogs I now follow or who I keep in contact with and follow their progress in the hobby that I met at Adepticon last year.

I am also looking forward to the 2011 Adepticon as it will give me a chance to reconnect with them and meet more people, some who I have only ever spoken to online or over skype. It will be exciting to see what manner of side events and challenge games will come out of Adepticon in 2011, know I have already issued a few.

Oh and I will be in Session 1 of Killzone on Friday and I am looking forward to getting to meet you and hopefully Big Jim if he can make it out for the the weekend. Right now I am playing Orks but who knows if that is what I will end up bring in April.

Papa JJ said...

In response to what DrGabe said, I do remember hearing about one tournament team that used a whole slew of counterfeit Drop Pods with some silly, bogus FW rules. Have people no shame? Haha! ; ) Apologies to our host for this misdirected thread.

DrGabe said...

Who is the JJ guy and who let him in? For the record the rules never stated you had to buy the model, and every model from FW or GW. So what if it fell into some silicon mold and then resin fell into it. So what, these things happen. :)

Oh that reminds me... how many drop pods can I fit into my Kill Zone army... hah!

Brian said...

@ Papa JJ. By all means, please misdirect. That behavior is encouraged around here.

@ Dr. Gabe. I look forward to meeting you this year. Perhaps a better question would be "how many killteams can I fit in a drop pod?"

@ Huron. Friday is filling up quickly. I look forward to meeting you then. Like you, I've been really enjoying the Orks lately, but there's absolutely no telling what it'll be in five months. Dark Eldar? Daemon Hunters?

Hank Edley said...

+1 Pretty much sums it up and I could not have said it better guys. Always going to have a few folks that don't get it but it is responses like this that make it all worth while.

I look forward to meeting up with old friends and making new ones at 2011. AdeptiCon is the one chance a year that I get to see some of these folks. AdeptiCon, as is wargaming in general, a social activity.

Thanks for stepping up with Killzone .. it will be a great edition.

Brian said...

Cheers, Hank. It's a ways off yet, I know, but I'm already looking forward to it.