Sunday, October 10, 2010

Killzone Blitz: Begins

Normally, Sunday is synonymous with WIP here on “A Gentleman’s Ones.” Today, however, is special. Scratch that. Today is very special.

You may have noticed Big Jim’s sanctified decree that 10/10/10 should mean more than the paltry armor rating of misbegotten walkers and various Orky misconstructions; it shall be the commencement of the Killzone Blitz; it shall be a full frontal assault on the placid paunchiness of standard 40K and an epic celebration of the lean narrative splendor of Special Operations: Killzone.

For A Gentleman’s Ones, the Killzone Blitz is going to last a good while (in no small measure because that’s about all I’ve been working on for nearly a month now, perhaps more now that I think on it).

On Friday, I offered a quick peek at my “most valuable” Special Operations Group. They’ve earned that title not only because they survived their first encounter with the enemy (victoriously, no less), but also because they represent one of the most compelling aspects of this ruleset.

Please let me introduce Gutgrope Grotshank (Nob at large pictured above with yellow plume) and his merry Warband, The Shanksies.

The Shanksies:
Gutgrope Grotshank: Nob, Big Choppa, ‘eavy Armor, Refractor Field, Yellow Plume
Nobby: ‘eavy Armor, Master-Crafted Big Choppa
(5) Ork ‘ardboyz: (x2) Big Shootas,
(2) Deffkoptas: I know. I know. These don’t belong on the Alacrity. Please trust that I’ll be making substitutions when good taste and fluff demand particular consideration. This just represents the standard warband. 

In total: 225 with 25 of that representing Special Killzone Wargear and/or Abilities.

Now. Let me say, I do not play Orks. I will almost certainly never collect a full Ork army. And yet. I like them. I like the humor, the violence, and the sheer bloody-mindedness of them. I own several models from that old box set, all of which sat forlorn in patient hope of relevance and/or playability. Well, that wait is over.

These Orks have found a home in Killzone. They’ve found purpose. They’ve found time on the tabletop, and have characterfully emerged bloodied but victorious. And that’s the second aspect of the Killzone ruleset mentioned above, and which is so attractive to a hobbyist like myself. I’ve finally found a reason to dig out those old models, an excuse to fold Rogue Trader relics back into viable forces, a plausible rationalization to feed my gaming whimsy as it wanders from one semi-collected army to another.

Speaking of, I’ve already pre-ordered new Reavers and Wyches but, much like these Orks, I have absolutely no intention of owning a full Dark Eldar army. So it goes. Feed the compulsion. Relish those mischievous hobby impulses.  Go on. Do it.

Of course, there must be some element of WIP to this, so now might also be an ideal opportunity to mention that my very good friend Chris is stopping by today to put the prototype AdeptiCon table through a few playtesting paces. Chris is a gaming deity, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the table through his eyes. We’ve blocked off the entire afternoon for nothing else.

More on that soon. More Killzone this week.


Brent said...

Here, here!

Well said. Perfectly said!


PS: I'll admit, I was curious about the Deffkoptas on the Spacehulk - I'm glad you mentioned it. :)

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Are we perhaps talking about Chris Tavonatti? ;P

The Independent Characters said...

hahahah Gutgrope. I love it!

Big Jim said...

Outstanding, I love it! Orks are just so darned Kool!

Loquacious said...

I love what you're doing. It's so luscious!

Papa JJ said...

Fantastic! While they might be a little out of place, I do kind of enjoy seeing the Deffkoptas flying around on the Alacrity... seems like just the type of wanton recklessness that characters the Ork approach to life. Still it will be neat to see what you come up with to replace them. Great work as always!!

Brian said...

@ Brent. Cheers mate. That means more to me that you might imagine.

@ Skarvald. The very same.

@ Big Jim. Cheers mate.

@ Loquacious. Thank you kindly. I'm reasonably certain that this is the first time anyone has ever described my Orks and luscious. Loquacious indeed. I love it.

@ Pappa JJ. Ha. I'll confess that I was entertained by the idea as well; however, they don't actually fit through the doors of the Alacrity making implausible seem even less so. Ah well. I guess I'll have to build a bigger table. oh wait.