Friday, October 15, 2010

Killzone Blitz: The Teeftotallers

Well. I must be candid. The Teeftotallers have not enjoyed the auspicious beginnings that helped launch Gutgrope to his current position of modest prominence. In fact, Dr. Dakkasteef can only claim several notches on his power klaw -representing a Possessed CSM or two and the odd Imperial Grunt. Nothing grand.

Instead, Dr. Dakkasteef caught my eye because of his wondrous ability to bluster his way into each Mission. Alas, he was tabled in his first two encounters with the enemy… but dramatically so, and sometimes that’s enough.  For example, in this unfortunate muss, Dr Dakkasteef met a tragic and messy end after three rounds of combat with a lowly Guard Sergeant and an uber Commissar with pluck and vigor. Three. That’s a veritable lifetime in Killzone. Still, the Commissar was forced to execute somebody, summarily, and another lowly guardsman was subsequently killed on account of his own resulting fearlessness. 

It’s the simple pleasures sometimes.  

So. Without further ado…
The Teeftotallers:
Dr. Dakkasteef: Meganob, Team Leader, Refractor Field
Grimshaw: Nob, Big Choppa, ‘eavy Armor
Nobz (x2): ‘eavy Armor
Burna Boy: Medipack
‘ard Boyz (x6): Big Shoota (x1)

In total, 225 with 25 allotted for special wargear and abilities, etc. That number, for a reason that I do not genuinely understand, has become my sweetspot for Team (or Warband as such) organization.

I’ve tried my hand at the check-pattern for the first time (see above), and I’ll confess it’s bloody hard work. I’ve managed to get this looking ok from a distance, but I know that it’s not really. They always make it look so simplistic in the write-up’s and how-to’s. I should know better by now.

Originally, I intended that each significant member of The Teeftotallers have the check pattern somewhere on his armor or weaponry. We’ll see how that turns out, but I’m attracted to the idea that, should these Warbands ever coalesce into an army proper, each member of Dr D’s band be immediately recognizable amongst their comrades.  

We'll be hearing more from this salty lot next week.


sonsoftaurus said...

Lookin' good. It's interesting seeing how your signature style/colors look on different factions.

Brian said...

@ Sons. Thanks mate. Funnily enough, these Orks were painted while I was trying to work out those signature tones you mentioned; I never expected to use them for anything, so I had nothing to lose.

Now that I've found a purpose for these poor slobbering monsters, I'm kind of married to that scheme -and not necessarily in a good way. The yellow is designed to make all of the above slightly less glaring. Alas.

Loquacious said...

I'm quite enamored with the yellow- I've never seen it look so good on any model. Perhaps it's my monitor (or my eyes), but I like it.

Papa JJ said...

Commissars with pluck and vigor really are the worst. Don't despair, though, I'm sure Dr. Dakkasteef will hit his murderous stride soon enough. Until that time, may his misfortunes be as dramatic as possible!

I think the check patterned areas look very good, by the way, and the scratches are a great touch. The medipack as well. It took me a moment to notice it but it's a wonderful addition.

Brian said...

@ Loquacious. Thank you. I hope it's not just your eyes. ha.

@ Papa JJ. To add insult to injury, The Commissar was my own IG model acting as a "counts as" against me. ah.

Thanks for noticing the medipack.I kept forgetting that he had it during my games last week, so I pulled the model aside and slapped together a hasty solution. More on those touches next week.

Cheers mate.

Big Jim said...

They look kool, I like the list too.

Speaking of the medi-pack addition, I am modeling my Space Shark team to be as close to WYSIWYG as possible.

From the medi-pack, to close combat accessories.

I find it's really helping to build the character of the team members.


blambi said...

Looks great!

The wife and I played our first killzone game some hours ago and most say that it was real nice.

Kroot (Mercenaries) vs Orks and that was really fun.

An interesting thing we noticed was that there was a feeling of "stuff is happening" that sadly might be lost in higher point games.

Brian said...

@ Big Jim. Totally agree. Although I'm willing to make exceptions, I've also found myself ordering new orky models to more accurately represent the Killzone Warband I would want. At this rate, I'll find myself with an army in no time at all.

@ Blambi. I'm really pleased that you've enjoyed the game. Please be sure either to jump to the Killzone forum or to email me with any glitches you may notice. Cheers.