Monday, October 18, 2010

Killzone: Fungal Growth

Last week, I introduced my two, slowly growing, Ork Warbands. I’ve now placed an order for another Meganob (to replace the one missing in Gutgrope’s band), some new Nobz (so I can properly model the relevant “characters” and accurately wysiwyg the Big Choppas etc), and a Kill Kan or two for the beginnings of a promisingly quirky third Warband… with a gaggle of worshiping Grots or Gretchin in tow. 

In the interests of wysiwyg, I've also painted detail or two on the current boyz as a practical measure as well; I found myself repeatedly forgetting the Medipack that I'd purchased for my Burna Boy, for example, and there are few moments quite so bitter as the realization, too late,  that I've forgotten a lifesaving bit of wargear. oh, that stings. It's neither subtle nor pretty, but then neither am I.
Which leads me to my next point. 

Let’s be candid. These Orks are a distraction from my other hobby interests (distractions). Yet, I’ve found myself increasingly compelled to let this unchecked fungal growth continue. At this pace, I’ll have a proper Ork force in reasonably short order. I’ll have playtested it along the way, and I’ll have enjoyed the process of developing each unit organically –without having to wait until the entire army is assembled in order to learn what I enjoy about the army’s mechanic.

For me, this is a real treat. When thinking about a new army, I’m usually buried beneath paint pots until I field enough units for a genuine game. To keep myself motivated, I’ll paint the units that I find interesting and then, invariably/belatedly, discover that I’ve painted a pile of fluff that can’t fight its way to lunch. My much loved, oft defeated Onorevoli are a fine example.

In fact, I’m only indulging my fungal disposition because I’m getting such a tremendous kick out of playing this gaggle of fools. These Nobz, for example, have been chosen in large part because they came with the AoBR box set, but also because they visually mirror Dr. Dakkasteef himself -with jaw and augmented eye. No other reason. Tremendous. This experience precisely represents what I love about the hobby and the game.

Who knew? Orks.

Although unintentional, I think that I may have demonstrated exactly how Killzone works for those that would use it as a cautious “testing” place for an emerging army.

I can only hope that the Dark Eldar, whom I’ve fully intended to develop in a similar vein, appeal to me quite so readily.


Anonymous said...

Heh, sounds good. I'm likely going to have my bits of fun with Killzone too, so you aren't alone. I just plan to get fluffy an a whole new level with one of my IG teams I have written up. They'll have substantial amounts of fiction around them before they ever hit the table.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Yes, Brian! Feel the temptation of da Horde! Toy know you want for of them ladz so you can form a mighty WAAAAAGH! It's just the beginning..

Please make the Killzone table "orky!" Please? Tonz o' rust and gubbinz!

Brian said...

@ akuro888. Sounds fantastic. I had a peek at your blog and, as someone who enjoys the narrative end of this hobby, I really like the layers of fluff that you're building into your forces. I hope we'll get to see some photos of this idea as it develops.

@ Skarvald. Orky. Check. There will be at least one large section on one of the four boards that looks distinctly orkish. I promise.

The Inner Geek said...

Ah, you make the orks sitting in their boxes in my closet cry out for attention. Maybe I could do just a Kill Team worth? Oh wait, that's how you got started. Special Operations Killzone, the gateway drug to new 40k armies...

Von said...

Speaking as a man who's built his fair share of 'pile of fluff' Ork armies over the years, it's grand to see you identifying your goals and meeting them and doing all this messing about without making a major and foolish investment, as I've been known to.

I also like the description of the greenies as 'unchecked fungal growth'. :D

Brian said...

@ The Inner Geek. Listen to the closet. Let the Kill Team guide you.

@ Von. They certainly have a way about them. Only today I've received a new box of goodies from GW. Kans, Nobz, and a formidable metal hunk of Meganob. To work!!!