Friday, October 22, 2010

Killzone: Minor Action Recap

Life. Boot. Neck. See previous post. 

It’s another short one today on account of the aforementioned intervention of the real world. Monday evening, however, Scott graciously hosted Matt and I for a short evening of Killzone merriment (Scott, by the way, is someone that I’d never actually met in person until Monday but whose path I’ve crossed perhaps thousands of times in this unexpectedly small city of several million people in which we live. Go figure).

This was Scott’s first go with KZ and his Slaanesh inspired Special Operations Group (need a new name for that) squared off against Matt’s brutally efficient Necrons. The Mission did not suite Scott’s army well, and he struggled in late turns to keep Matt’s Necrons permanently stretched out on the pavement.

Necrons. Hmmm.

I was honored to face Scott in the second game, to which he brought an utterly ruthless Flamers/Horrors combination. Once again, we rolled randomly for the Mission and, once again, the dice were not particularly in Scott’s favor. They are a fickle bunch, to be sure.

In the early turns, it looked like the Teeftotallers were going to tighten a very secure noose around a gaggle of weakling daemons. Then Scott lifted nearly half the Teeftotallers off the table in a single round of shooting. Oh my. I would confess that I dreadfully underestimated the power of these flickering, diminutive monsters, but that’s actually a disservice to the shrewd manner in which Scott played to his strengths: altruism from daemons, cunning, and sheer brutality.

Well, in the end, Scott’s bloodlust got the better of him, as he reveled in Teeftotall misfortune while Dr. Dakkasteef stubbornly trod through an alarming number of saves, a few Ld tests, and several assaults in order to boldly clutch a minor victory from the daemonic jaws of defeat. Go on Dakkasteef! I believe only one other Ork saw the last turn –but I’m not entirely certain on that count.

One final note, I was able to see Scott’s newly completed Daemon Prince in person. The photos are tremendous, but the figure in real life is unabashedly magnificent. The painting and the object source lighting are both brilliant; for me, however, the potent conversion work (the conjured flame and the third eye in particular) merit a proper gander as well. That's how it's done.

Cheers Scott for the hospitality and I look forward to returning the favor in a week or two.

(all photos are "historical re-enactments," but tasty nonetheless).


Loquacious said...

Yay, merriment and brutality!

Scott said...

Thanks for the shout out, Brian. The games were a lot of fun.

I totally need to name my teams. I was thinking of calling the Tzeentch team "Tzeentch's Fire Wisps" or "The Watchers of Tzeentch".

I'm kinda stumped on what to call the Slaanesh team. Actually, I think I might mix the two daemons in one team and see how that goes.

Also, I took some pictures but have had the same boot, neck, life situation. I'll try to post them soon.

Matthias said...

Scott, might I suggest: Clay Slannnesh Pigeons or perhaps The Pain & Pleasure of Target Practice.

Or maybe: We Should Have Really Brought Some Guns

Brian said...

@ Loquacious. I'm pleased to hear you enjoy both.

@ Scott. I was thinking aloud with that comment, and certainly hope you didn't read it as suggesting that you, specifically, need to get on the case. I feel, for example, that my Orks shouldn't be called a "Special Operations Group," or even a "spezel ooperashuns grup," or whathaveyou. I think of them as a fledgling warband. Daemons, I think, need a similar treatment.

@ Matt. Harsh... but fair.

Matthias said...

Ha. Scott knows I am just giving him the business...or maybe my Necrons are just getting cocky...they will be Fiend lunch in short time.