Friday, November 12, 2010

Killzone: AP3 Thousand Sons vs. Space Wolves

On Monday night, Matt’s Wolves and Scott’s Sons pitched up for the second classic confrontation of the evening. This time, we rolled Scenario I, Mission 4: Extreme Prejudice –which seemed about right.

In this Mission, the Teams start diagonally from each other and have marked the enemy Team Leader as a target in desperate need of removal. As such, the Team Leader counts for triple his normal Mission Points value if killed violently. Certainly, this creates a tactical challenge, as the individual usually best equipped the crushing of your opponent must, by necessity, consider his options quite carefully. At the very least, the dynamic prevents Team Leaders from strolling out in front of his group (as pictured in the photo at top).

To dissuade those that would otherwise treat this as a cause for overly conservative play, the Teams also earn bonus Mission Points for pushing forward into the enemy deployment zone (the details of this will be refined slightly in the forthcoming edition).

So. The Wolves and the Sons tiptoed toward the Bulkhead between them, which was situated in the central room, in anticipation of what was certain to be a messy affair.

In a desperate gambit, both Leaders sensed a second opportunity and sent a smaller contingent around the flank in a bid to either trap a wayward Team Leader in his backfield or potentially to collect a few uncontested points in the endgame.

Matt’s Wolves proved vicious on that flank, as his same Power Weapon dood that had stomped me earlier in the evening now utterly minced Scott’s flanking contingent. He took a wound for his effort, but I humbly submit that this fellow would deserve MVP of the evening if it weren’t for one other item that I’ll mention in a moment.

Of course, it wasn’t all good news for the Wolves. As the door flew open, the action in the center looked particularly grim. The Thousand Sons AP3 Bolters (and the sheer number of them) took a tremendous toll. Matt had cleverly worked his men into a kind of cover on the doorframe, but the mystical bolt shells were unconcerned.

In fact, the Wolves disintegrated so quickly that the situation was looking perilous to the point of hopeless, while the flank became isolated and otherwise inconsequential. Matt’s battle-proven Lone Wolf would not be able to get to the necessary points in time to make a difference. Alas.

Matt’s Team Leader hesitantly moved forward, seemingly resigned to his Fate. This drew Scott’s Sorcerer forward as well, perhaps in the notion that these two heroes should salute and engage in a gesture worthy of the moment.

Instead, Matt’s humble, plasma pistol-armed Scout saw a desperate opportunity, strode forward, and shot the Sorcerer right between the eyes. Game Over.

Matt’s uncanny win streak is alive and well. The Scout, one presumes, drank his fill that evening.


Loquacious said...

Matt seems to possess some great luck!

Scott said...

Argh! That scout and his plasma pistol!

This still burns me. I was having so much fun gunning those space wolves down.

I will have my revenge.

Matthias said...

AP2 > AP3!

A great game. I was getting my comeuppance without question....until opportunity struck and your armour failed...

Still want to bring my Wraiths to that table!

The Independent Characters said...

I really love reading about this stuff. Glad to see Matt got some playtime in!

Hurry up and bring those Wraiths Matt. We want to see them in action!

Matthias said...

I've had the chance to brutalize some Orks and Daemons with my Necrons in previous Killzone games - just never on the Alacrity table. The wall phasing + Hit and Run ability is what I really want to see in action.

Brian said...

@ Loquacious. Luck may be part of it, but he's also one crafty individual with an uncannily intuitive grasp of gaming.

@ Scott. That's two-for-two with the bloodlust.

@ Matt. Comeuppance indeed. It's only a matter of time...

@ The IC. Cheers. I'm looking forward to meeting you on the day, and promise there'll be plenty more KZ before then. It's just about all I'm working on these days.

@ Matt. Alacrity again? week from Monday? Necrons? Be there or be [].