Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Killzone: Teeftotallers vs. Space Wolves

On Monday night, the Teeftotallers squared their shoulders against Matt’s Space Wolves. This was something of a grudge match, as my Orks earned their “reputation” (and this recent slate of attention) after Gutgrope killed his opposite number in single combat (ftw). Notably, Gutgrope did not take the field on the day, choosing instead to put someone else’s neck under the axe –leadership, you see, is all about delegation.

So, we dusted off the Sin of Alacrity for the occasion in what I hope will become a regular gaming group. We rolled Scenario II and Mission 2: Crash Landing, which we modified slightly for the circumstances. In this Mission, one Team (Orks) must start about three quarters across the table and work its way back toward the far edge. The other Team (Matt’s Wolves) arrives piecemeal in a manner that I would describe as “controlled random,” and then tries to collapse on the withdrawing Team before it can exit the board. In this Mission, the Space Wolves get points for kills as normal, while the Orks only get points for getting off the table. That creates a much more peculiar dynamic than one might glean at first pass. As with many of these Missions, it’s important to keep one’s eyes on the metaphorical prize.

While Crash Landing didn’t seem entirely correct for the middle of a spacehulk, it was, nevertheless, thematically perfect. We imagined that the Orks had surreptitiously infiltrated the Alacrity and were in the midst of perpetrating their standard Orky goodness on a part of the Alacrity’s inner works. The Wolves, then, were charged with correcting this blight in the best way they know how before the Orks could move on to their next proper objective.

The early turns were all about stealthy decisions, deft maneuvering, and plausible supposition of an appropriate path to the table’s edge. Again, the table presented a few tricky moments, but we managed some decent and entertaining “door rules” on the fly, which will undoubtedly make an appearance come AdeptiCon.

Dr. Dakkasteef, two Boys, and a lone Nob went wide around one flank, while the remaining Boyz, Burna Boy, and one Nob went straight up the middle with careful eyes on the inevitable ambush. One remaining Nob with Big Choppa straddled the difference between the two groups in a truly altruistic rearguard action (you can just spot his axe behind the mechanics in the photo to the left). Or perhaps he knew something the others didn't -altruism indeed.

Matt had several models converging on the larger group, but I felt reasonably secure that their demise would only mean Dr. Dakkateef’s assured, mission-point-heavy survival. Despite nearly tripping over a cyber-wolf in early turns, and heedless of a genuine torrent of fire, Dr. D strode through whatever opposition presented itself with characteristically callous aggression (really, he’s a beast). While I cursed that wolf and celebrated Dr. D's potency in all matters Ork, Matt was playing a more clever game.

Unfortunately for the Orks, This Guy arrived. Matt’s Team Leader, perhaps still bitter from the last time he met Orks, cut a path straight through his opposition and even managed to ping the Burna Boy at the very cusp of his shooting range. The lone Boy that survived the Team Leader's romp was immediately dispatched by a power weapon-wielding maniac.

At this point, I should thank Scott, who has been reading the blog, for reminding me that I painted a Red Cross on the Burna Boy so that I would remember he carries a Medi-Pak. I had, forgotten, you see (ahem). While the Burna Boy still failed the roll, I must thank Scott both for reading, and for remembering what I quite clearly cannot.

In the end, Matt’s Wolves had done such a superb job decimating my main thrust and whittling the Boyz around Dr. D that only the rearguard Nob, Dr. D, and a lone Boy were left in what might have been a scoring position. The Teeftotallers were both functionally and mathematically eliminated from the Mission. I can say only that Dr. Dakkasteef’s next fledgling Mob would do well to follow his example, and to stop dying quite so willingly.

See you Friday for a recap of the other classic confrontation of the evening: Matt's Space Wolves vs. Scott's AP3 Thousand Sons. 


Von said...

"Matt's Space Wolves vs. Scott's AP3 Thousand Sons."

That wouldn't be a subtle hint as to a key point in the game, would it?

CounterFett said...

See, that's why I make my lists with no special options...I ALWAYS forget that.

Max said...

Excellent post as always... now to just get some of the gents in my neck of the woods to go for some Killzone...

Anonymous said...

Great pics and report! Can we get a preview of the door rules??


Loquacious said...

So much fun! I love the callous disregard for dying Dr Teef has to begin... =)

Derina said...

All ya need is a stargate and a dhd.

Brian said...

@ Von. Ha. I'm finishing that post soon, and hope to have it up around lunchtime. AP3 indeed.

@ CounterFett. Solidarity. It's a curse that I just can't shake.

@ Max. Thank you, kindly.

@ Justjokin. Absolutely, I'll have those stitched together and up for preview in the reasonably near future -hopefully coinciding with some progress on the table.

@ Loquacious. Thank you. It's become his specialty.

@ Derina. Stargate. dhd?

Derina said...

Off table travle for the minis or an in bound army .....