Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Memory Lane: The Book Wardens

And to continue this stroll down memory lane, please enjoy this chestnut from back when A Gentleman's Ones was less than one month old. Already, I was feeling nostalgic; this post was designed to be a retrospective of some of my very first conversions and the beginning of my love for all things Terminator (as well as an introduction to my first hapless venture into chapter creation -the Book Wardens). 

All the more, this figure remains one of my favorites to this very day.

And so we conclude this not particularly nostalgic, but nevertheless entertaining, break from a barely established routine. Thank you for humoring me as I un-shelved these old Book Warden Terminators to end our Winter Term here at the University. As I often say about my undergraduate degree, “I didn’t learn too much, but had a real nice time.” I hope you did as well.

To conclude, I've saved the most worthy of the group. At the very least, he represents my most ambitious basing to date and, to me, he remains a solid reminder that I don't need to only think of the base as what happens under the model itself.

My desire to find some Post-Gothic cavernous archival setting continued, of course, and at every turn I tried as hard as I was able to evoke the neglected mustiness of any old library. My favorite example, by miles, is the Autocannon Terminator. I believe the doorframe comes from Hero Quest (?), or some similar game, and I'm still particularly fond of the way in which he appears to be ducking out from one passage into the next, his hand still supporting the gesture on the frame itself.

No book is safe. No stack too obscure. Dewy Decimal beware.


fester said...

I can see why this is a favourite mini of yours. To be honest, I would love to see this expanded into a diorama, with the dusty halls running, shredded paper, etc. I think it would be amazing, and with your freaking painting skills, a sight to see.

Loquacious said...

I see something completely different- how wonderful it is that your work tells so many stories!

Porky said...

Now that's a miniature. Ideally they all tell a story of some kind, but this one's got a novel attached! It's a very simple idea but brings in the 40K landscape and suggests the early days of the terminators in Space Hulk. Perfect for the roleplaying style of Kill Zone for example.

Atreyu@4:44 said...

That's fantastic! I really like that even the stonework on the door is different on each side. It's like he's stepping through to an alternate universe.

Big fan of the explanation of 'Gentleman's Ones' as well.

Bartender said...

I think the way the model is entering the structure is extremelt realistic! Did it take you a long time to create?

Derina said...

Its from advanced quest.

Brian said...

@ Fester. Cheers mate. You've given me an idea...

@ Loquacious. I'd love to know what you see.

@ Porky. Thank you. And I agree. He does seem very well situated for KZ, doesn't he.

@ Atreyu. Cheers. Like most of the things that work well on this site, I can't take all the credit for the title.

@ Bartender. You'd be surprised at how easy (and relatively quick) the process was. The important thing here is that I built the base first and only then played with the figure(s) until I found how to model one that worked.

@ Derina. Much obliged.