Monday, December 20, 2010

Recipe: Red

Once again, I haven't quite managed a step-by-step post for today and, once again, I intend to remedy that soon. In the mean time, here are a few old photos in which I experimented with the recipe detailed below. Once upon a time, red confounded me. No longer. 

This one is fun…

I start with Merchite Red mixed with either Chaos Black or Dark Angels Green (or both) to make a sufficiently muddy-brown red for the base color.

I revisit this with a more direct mixture of Merchite Red for the first highlight, smoothing toward a pure Merchite layer.

I then work some Red Gore into Merchite for a more subtle highlight, followed in a similar manner by a selective highlight of just Red Gore. (note: on quite a few figures, I’ve been quite selective about this. In areas that are naturally shaded, I’ve tried to give the illusion of highlight but also to limit the range of tones in areas that shouldn’t appear bright necessarily. In earlier attempts, I always tried to paint all the highlights up to the brightest tone no matter where that might be on the model. As I've softened in later years, I've stepped away from this idea considerably. The effect is less photogenic, but more realistic -I find).

The final highlight is a mixture of Red Gore and Blood Red.

I then wash the red with Baal Red Wash, mixed with a bit of Black Wash and/or Green Wash to find the darkest shades again. I try to stick to the edges with any mixture that has green in it, as this will have a pretty dramatic “deadening” effect on the red. It’s best for the deeper shadows.

If necessary, I come back with one more highlight of the final Red Gore-Blood Red mixture –but again I should note that I try to keep the Blood Red from dominating too dramatically the mixture, as it will inevitably look more orange than red. 

And there you have all my secrets to Red, Black, Gold, and Stone and Bone. I'll see if I can pull one more color from thin air on Wednesday to round out this series. Fingers crossed. 

As ever, thank you for your support.


Porky said...

It always amazes me how many different ways there are to do something that seems in theory simple. Paint red? Fine, but which red, and with what final effect? Another good post in the series!

GDMNW said...

Have you ever tried painting orange and then painting over it with red. I've seen this work really well.

The recipes here are great. Thanks.

Bartender said...

Thanks for that! Red is my favourite colour but so complicated to paint-but not as bad as yellow.

Brian said...

@ Porky. Thank you kindly. Red is one of those colors that I keep rethinking -although this particular manifestation has been around longer than any other. It's just one of those colors that never seems to sit still.

@ GDMNW. That's an extremely interesting idea that I'd never even heard before. Interesting idea. I'll have to give it a shot.

@ Bartender. Yellow is a mare. I've got a link on that one too if you link.

Cheers one and all for the support.

GDMNW said...

I really should have explained why you'd do that a little better. Popping back to re-read this article I realised that my comment makes no sense as it is.

Painting a strong orange colour as a base and then painting over it with red makes for a luminous red as acrylic paints aren't opaque.

It can be particularly effective on eyes or elements which are meant to be illuminated.

There you go, now I don't sound quite so crazy...

HOTpanda said...

Thanks BSMOOVE for not only providing this great tutorial but from pulling me out of my hobby slump. Between this and some of your other recipes you have help my Khorne space wolves settle in on their paint scheme. Hoping to reinvigorate my own blog or start a new one some time this summer as I will be relocate to another province in the next month or two. Once again thanks and stay tuned.

Brian said...

@ GDNMW. Perish the thought. That's a top tip and I intend to borrow from it as soon as I am able.

@ HOt Panda. Welcome Back! It's good to see you here once again, and I'm pleased to hear that you back on the blogging scene. Looking forward to more soon. And thanks for the kind words. Cheers. B.