Sunday, December 12, 2010


As you will have seen this week, the Killzone project continues with furious momentum. Seriously. It cannot be stopped. Currently, I’m assembling the Errata into its final form, and then I believe we will be prepared to unleash this monster once more into the blogosphere. Best be prepared.

On other news, I’ve just finished another major bit of commission work that’s cornered every minute not directly related to Killzone …which means you can expect to see more Killzone here on A Gentleman's Ones. Ha. That's mostly accurate.

In truth, this means that I’ll have a better chance to put the finishing touches on several of those half-conceived, half-painted Special Operations Groups that you’ve had a peek at already. I haven’t, if you were wondering, forgotten about good ole Gutgrope and hope you haven’t either –and the OOP Marines, and the Catachans with their Ace Commissar, and the Dark Eldar, and so on. It’s all there waiting for me, and for you.

Indeed. With the perhaps vain hope of rounding out my final Team (cough. Warband) in the Ork SOG, I’ve started assembling this bad boy.  I absolutely love the humor and shambolic grumpiness of it all. Tremendous. I can already tell that this guy is going to be an absolute pleasure to paint, and I'm already finding it difficult not to assemble his compatriots who are still waiting patiently on the spru... Really. Killzone will make an Orky believer of me yet.

But never mind all that. I’ve been asked to share a recipe or two, and so that will be the theme for this week –recipe, recipe, recipe. See you tomorrow for the first installment: stone and bone.


Porky said...

As far as I'm concerned those new kanz could hardly have been better.

Stone and bone - now sounds like a very traditional dish...

Deadmeat said...

Looking forward to this coming week! ^_^

Da Masta Cheef said...

Heh, I bought a box o' kans when they first came out, but haven't yet assembled them. Yesterday I got and early Christmas gift of another box of them, meaning DLWDG will now have a killa kan horde option!

Papa JJ said...

I have a feeling those other Kanz will be showing up here in due time... just a hunch. ; ) Very exciting news about the upcoming recipe week, thank you in advance for sharing more of your secrets with us.

Brian said...

@ Porky. Tasty.

@ Deadmeat. Thanks. I hope you like. Also, if there is a particular recipe that I don't mention or otherwise omit, please let me know and I'll get on it directly.

@ Cheef. Kan Horde -I really want to see that on the table.

@ Pappa JJ. your instincts are sharp. I still have a few Bretonnians that I need to visit as well, thanks to some very kind and very considerate friends.