Monday, January 31, 2011

Memory Lane: There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills (part three)

Of course, it didn’t end there. Within whatever edition 40K boxset, I remember that a series of plastic marines were all the rage. Because I was stuck in my Golden Inquisitorial rut, I could think only of how those plastics could, nay would, come to represent yet another possibility of allies for my growing Inquisitorial force.

To the credit of the codex, it encourages options, opens opportunity, finesses creativity. I just got a little bit caught up thinking about how I might touch upon all those options. In the end, unfortunately, the option-to-tabletop ratio worked distinctly against me (and has since), so that I had created quite a few options that were never, ever really going to get onto the table in any meaningful way –Radical Inquisitors, IG allies, pure Grey (Gold) Knights, and now SM allies? too much is never enough.   

I’m reminded of the expression –“when all you have is a hammer, every problem is a nail.” That’s how I was with the Inquisition at this point, and specifically with the color Gold. Every square peg was summarily pounded into that round hole and, while I still actually quite like the experiment, I am pleased to report that there are a few more tools in the metaphorical (and the literal, now that I think on it) hobby toolbox these days.

So, these plastics got me moving on a SM allies contingent for the Inquisition –although this was actually a speed-spru-painting test that I presented myself. All of the plastics in these photos were painted in one run (cleaned, but still on the spru). It was an interesting challenge that I am distinctly tempted to revisit in the reasonably near future. The method works, I think anyway, for rank and file.

Once they were sorted, I then thought about how I might expand the allied ranks a bit by digging through the drawers a bit. This week is dedicated to what I found.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bix: Famous Faces

Just over one week ago, babyzilla-number-two arrived to consume all our sleep and then gum away at what little was left of our remaining free time. For that reason, I have no work for which I can show progress this Sunday. I hope to get back into the swing as days turn to weeks turn to months, but for this week at least, we will stay firmly planted on memory lane.

In lieu of WIP, I would like to pass the buck, so to speak, to another very interesting and clever post that I saw this week from Bix over The Veil’s Edge, and that I thought deserved some more attentive consideration.

So, say hello to my little friend…

Friday, January 28, 2011

Memory Lane: Heresy in the Inquisition?

Perish the thought.

After all the gold and glorious self-righteousness of the Gold Knights, I wanted to explore the other, more heretical, factions of the Inquisition. As such, I set to creating a branch of this army that could operate with what (in my humble opinion) is the very, very worst codex option GW has ever created –wait for it- the Daemonhost.

I've argued this elsewhere, vehemently. Daemonhosts are dreadful on the tabletop. And yet, I love the idea despite myself.

Once I brought this fellow into the fold, I began also to think about the potential personality (or personalities) of my Inquisitors, and particularly of their henchmen, posse, retinue. 

A keen observer will be able to deduce that I was reading the Eisenhorn trilogy at this point, and I was keen to produce an evocative, unique, and grand selection of possible personalities with which any given Inquisitor might surround himself. indeed.

In all, these guys are a bit of a mess. I dug up the old Navigators after taking a generous dose of information from J. Rune Nielsen (whom I mentioned later last week). Check out his version of these guys for a quick bit of book learnin’ on how it’s done.

On the back of these crazy henchmen, I also started playing around with the Inquisitorial possibilities. I have never been entirely certain what these fellows would translate to if they were enlisted to tabletop service –but I know that it wouldn’t likely be anything even in the neighborhood of wysiwyg. Just as well, they have only ever been called to service and handfull of times. The results were unerringly forgettable.

Still. In many ways, this Inquisitor and retinue series suggests quite a lot of what was to become my general disposition toward army creation and hobby potential:

Impulsive -yes.

Interesting -well I think so, certainly.

Playable -by accident, perhaps.

Evocative -I'd like to believe they are.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Memory Lane: Stay Golden Ponyboy, Stay Golden (part two)

Once more I must mention my rather unfortunate first swing at Grey Knight Terminators, whom you can see from last Wednesday’s post. I was not to be discouraged by the unrewarding look of these miniatures, and I took the opportunity, instead, to rework that gold coloring and, indeed, stretch my wings a bit with conversions. If silver was simply not to be a part of my bag, then gold most certainly would.

As I mentioned, I got a bit carried away with the Inquisition in these early days, and these Terminators represent perhaps my second or third step down that path (and we’ll be looking a bit more closely on a few more of the bricks in that path for the rest of this week).

Behold the Gold Knights. I don’t know what else to call them, really.

They are looking a bit tattered these days, as they have seen a fair amount of attention on the tabletop. On the whole, I like this army. I liked building them more. Perhaps this was the first symptom of the other grand problem with my army-building compulsion. I like building them as much as the rest of it.

My favorite, naturally, was this conversion piece. One part Archion (?), one part Games Day Mini, one part Ork Bitz, one pat Empire Champion, one part Grey Knight, he was (at the time) my most ambitious miniature to date –and undoubtedly the benevolent godfather to these two more recent conversions. There’s something menacingly Inquisitorial about him, and I’m not always sure that this works perfectly, but this chunk of metal mini remains one of my faves. Certainly, he looks willing to assert the business end of the Inquisition...

The rest of the Terminator group was really formed around that initial conversion. Their fur-lined cloaks were brought aboard simply to echo his, and the odd bit of halo therein (ork bitz) were once more designed solely to echo his dramatic posturing. 

In all, these guys were great fun to build and, I feel, make a find contribution to the tabletop. Having said that, I’ve wandered from them significantly, as any Inquisitor must.

p.s. will I be purchasing the new Grey Knight plastic models and codex? Yes. Am I really willing to say this considering that I have yet to even glimpse either said models or even a sketch of the design work? Without hesitation.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Memory Lane: Grey Knights

For real this time.

After taking a brief look at the wildly blue-Grey Knight Terminators (I don’t know what I was thinking …upon reflection, I must have I imagined that they would glow or something), I should mention that at about the same time I did something similar to learning my lesson.

Not quite, but similar. The adage “two steps forward, one step back” leaps to mind.

Regardless, I took something like a lateral step and landed snuggly back within the black/red dynamic that we saw initially. In this sense, the squad I created was really a quite “conventional” Grey Knights as a basic Troops choice. Of course, they aren’t really conventional (just observe the candy stripes), but they fit much more firmly with the first conceptualization I had of my initial Inquisitor and his IG minions.

In the spirit of coherence, I even took a step back toward those lamentable brown bases, oh dear.

Looking again at these fellows, I find myself repeating the phrase “soon, these will be available in plastics. Soon.” I’m pretty chuffed about those upcoming releases. Scratch. I’m giddy. 

See you Wednesday when we get back to the goldness. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday: WIP

Rest easy. There will be plenty more Inquisitorial Gold for you to peruse this week. As a kind of ideological balance, I have prepared a pair of progress shots for the wonderful new plastic Daemon Princes that I am currently stitching together for the right and honorable Referee Pitmann.

There hasn’t been too much movement on these for the last week or so (but then there’s good reason for that), nevertheless I have been enjoying the slow and steady steps toward malevolence.

These plastic kits are just tremendous, and both Pitmann and I have enjoyed some of the humor we perceive in the sculpts. Is it me, or is the fellow above flipping the metaphorical bird to his admirers (if not on the one hand, then surely the other, correct)? Maybe we are too old to titter like schoolgirls and tepid vulgarity, but there you are. We enjoyed it all the same.

Moreover, all the nostalgia has me thinking about the amount of mayhem Pitmann’s old metal DP has created through the years. In tribute to all that mayhem, I will be modeling various trophies and casualties around the base, each of which is designed to evoke one of the armies (indeed, one of my armies) that Pitmann’s DP has trod upon in these last ten years. 

In the end, the idea here will be to have two different (but properly wysiwyg-ed) manifestations of the same Daemon Prince, but I suspect that I may, at some point, be facing two DPs across the table anyway. ahem. I would do the same to him if the cloven hoof were on the other leg. 

Tremendous fun. 

p.s. as for the exceedingly large number of bitz left over from these two kits, never worry. You'll be seeing plenty of that down the road as well. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Memory Lane: So Much Gold (part one)

So. After the modest mess I made with the bluish-Grey Knights, and after straying a bit from the red/black ensemble that I initially conceived, I found myself lurching in three directions more or less simultaneously. The timing might not be exact in my nostalgia, but neither the timing nor the disparity in schemes should come as a surprise whatsoever to any gamer that suffers a similar form of gaming ADD. On the one hand, I wanted to continue with the Grey Knights proper, and on the other hand, I felt increasingly compelled to delve deeper and deeper and deeper into the allies-end of the bargain, and IG specifically. Of course, the release of plastic Cadians and all that didn’t help this matter at all.

So I walked for a time down several paths simultaneously, in which I actively swapped between at least two projects –shelving one when the ideas stagnated and then wandered back when the same happens to the other; alas, this has become my standard operating procedure ever since.

The first product of this endeavor was my golden Storm Troopers.

Perhaps the most curious point on these minis, even as I look at them today, was my utter confoundment with power weapons and accent colors. I didn’t know how to approach these matters with anything like a coherent strategy or proper forethought. I was just swinging wildly. And, while I often missed the mark, I find these fellows endearing all the more for it.

It was all worthwhile, in the end, and I even dug these neglected fellows out for a photo-shoot that landed them in one of the most recent Killzone books. Well played, lads. Well played.

See you Sunday for a brief WIP and then again Monday when we continue down this righteous, lustrous Inquisitorial path. There’s plenty more gold to be had. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Memory Lane: Grey Knights

Well. To be fair, these Grey Knights are distinctly bluish silver. As it is, you may have noticed that this creates a kind of visual tension in the army. These Grey Knights are all distinctly blue in disposition. The IG Storm Troopers and Steel Legion allies, are distinctly red and black. To be candid, I didn't know what I was doing, and just tried to paint as I was able or otherwise moved to do so. The army, as a result is a bit of ramshackle thing. No worries. I pulled it all together later by getting even further off the path... well... not really.

As surely as one step follows the other, my initial interest in the Inquisition landed me directly in the path of these Grey Knights. Initially, I wanted them to blend with the red/black stripes of my Inquisitorial force, but subsequently rethought this for fluffy reasons. Surely, these Grey Knights should stand apart as beacons of purity, courage, honor, and the rest of that guff.

So while the first unit looks almost standard in its inquisitorial demeanor, these terminators appear as if the many layers of blue ink have yet to dry nearly ten years later. It’s important to understand one’s shortcomings –and I’ll readily confess that I had no idea what I was doing with the inks back then.

I remember, in fact, bringing these fellows into my (not exactly) local GW store at the time to show them off (I was quite proud of them then, even if I’m not exactly now) to the manager who had been instrumental in my reintroduction to the hobby. He took one look and said, “wow…” pause while thinking for a way to structure positive feedback… wait for it… slightly longer pause… “that’s an aggressive blue wash.”

Hmmm. I thought. Perhaps it is time to rethink my approach to metallic paint.

As an aside, that thinking led me directly to the first “blog” (website really) in which I ever took interest. If you don’t know him, I highly recommend having a gander at Jacob Rune Nielsen. His work is amazing, and he’s got the swords to prove it. As importantly, he has been kind enough to post several genuinely helpful and amazing tutorials and recipes.

Finally, for those of you that will be attending AdeptiCon this year, Jacob Rune Nielsen has just recently been added to the cast of visiting talent, and will be running a series of hands-on seminars for your edification.

Well. I’ve said enough for today. See you Friday when we take a look at how the Inquisition, and my interest in it, began to spiral out of hobby control.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Memory Lane: Daemon Hunters

++First. Thank you, Gentle Readers, for all of your tremendous support this last week. Your input has been just fantastic and wondrously valuable to me, personally, as well as the entire Killzone project. Cheers.++

Inclined to nostalgia at seemingly the slightest provocation, and with the wave of hullaballoo about Grey Knights beginning to swell, I am tempted to reflect a moment on my very first 40K army. Indeed, now might be a fine time to reach back to my humble origins in 40K and reacquaint myself with my dearest Daemon Hunters.

I hobbied a bit as a youth. I first came to the game from Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine Epic games but, oddly, my wonderment at the 40K universe revealed in those games never actually transformed into interest in 40K proper. I’m not sure why, but I never completed (or even tried to complete) a 40K army until much, much later (roughly 2000). For tabletop gaming in the 28-30mm scale, I only had eyes for the WFB game. This is entirely subjective, of course, but that game and that world seemed somehow much more complete and substantial to me at the time –whereas now I would assert the opposite. 

Regardless, when I returned to the hobby after my break in the 90s, Pitmann and I were looking for two good armies to banter back and forth. Codex DH had only just recently dropped and, with Pitmann’s interest in all things Iron Warrior starting to congeal, the Daemon Hunters seemed a natural and antithetical force.

And so it was.

As you will see here, I structured my army around an Inquisitor and his IG allies. I didn’t know that the Steel Legion was the Steel Legion at the time. ahem. I simply selected them because I liked the models and needed more dudes to round out the force. I didn’t love the Storm Troopers, but they grew on me once painted. You can see quite clearly here several of the more obvious ways in  which I remained unfamiliar with several quite straightforward hobby skills and conventions. Having said that, I am quite proud of the banner -not for a display of hobbying skill, mind you- but rather for the creativity; it's just a photocopy from the book, cut with an x-acto, and white-glued into wavy, rippling effect.

Funnily enough, the IG choice seems rather fateful in the end, and might go some distance toward explaining a) the volume of old metal IG minis floating about the place (see here, and here, and here with more to come), ii) my unwavering fondness for the IG, and three) the series of starts and restarts I have had with the Inquisition.  

See you Wednesday for some more memory lane machinations, as I outline how my interest in the Inquisition grew and try to locate the point exactly where/when that interest began to spiral out of control.

Moreover, I hope you are enjoying these older models as much as I have been while digging through them. They are rough and ready, to be sure, but even the shoddiness of my painting ability then makes these models rather dear to me. 

On that note, I feel compelled to mention something about the next sequence of posts. As with the "rough and ready" nature of these models (and my hobby skills depicted therein -just look at those bases, ugh), the next couple of weeks are going to be a trip down memory lane not only for the sake of nostalgia, but also because "baby number two" will be arriving any second now. I spent the weekend taking these photos and hope to tell their story while I am otherwise knee deep in diapers and sleep deprivation. Should be fun. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday: WIP

Orks Orks Orks Orks. Little over one week ago, fellow blogger (and Aussie extraordinaire) Fester threw down the proverbial gauntlet with a bold and inspirational challenge. After having complimented his work on a really gruesome and brilliant Battlewagon (observe the Rolla, and the nifty paintjob) -he suggested that I have a run at something similar. Naturally, I accepted.

Happenstance had it that I was out for an extremely rare visit to the Chicago Battle Bunker a mere 48 hours later, when and where I dutifully purchased this monster.

To be frank, I have expanded and rethought the parameters of the challenge a little bit, but the basic premise is both sound and the execution most certainly in the spirit of the affair. I was slightly intimidated when I first opened the box on this guy –there are so very many bits, and they all seem so utterly random, which I now understand is precisely the point. Well. 

I know that I have said this before, and at the lamentable risk repeating myself entirely too frequently, I have to confess once more how much fun I’ve been having with these Orks. I never, never in a million years expected to be an Ork player. Sure, I have always gotten a modest chortle from the humor written into their story, but that grin is becoming much larger and the chortle is turning into a proper guffaw –an evil guffaw at that.

No. It will be a warm day on Fenris before you hear me bellow a proper (or an improper) Waagh!!! I promise never to do so -neither privately nor publicly. 

But still, let’s hear it for those Orks eh.

Friday, January 14, 2011

SOS (part 3): Card Concepts

On Monday I mentioned that we intend to revamp the physical appearance of the Special Operations: Killzone cards –both the Secondary Objective and the Fate variety. To accompany this snazzy new look, I would also like to dramatically expand the content of those cards and to make those cards available to you, the gentle enthusiast, either as an addendum to the rulebook or as yet another download. Naturally.

Today’s SOS: Currently, we have roughly 7 iterations (6 published) of each card and we intend to expand that to at least 18 iterations each. Obviously, this will add some genuinely random and wild elements to your Killzone game, which is unabashedly the idea. As mentioned previously, the last response to a call of this nature was absolutely tremendous, and this is a superb chance for you to really stretch your gaming wings. I distinctly need your help here. All of it.

The Assignment: This task also has two obvious strands but, before I discuss them directly, I would like to direct your gaze politely toward the cards as they exist currently. There’s a general formula for each type of card: each Secondary Objective Card (above), for example, has Title, Concept, Game Mechanic. A Fate Card (below) includes Title, Game Mechanic, and Card Playability. If you would be so kind, please adhere to this simple formula in your proposal(s). Also, I have found that there is room on each card for roughly 130 (certainly no more than 150) words. It’s a lot to consider, I know, but if you could keep this in mind when writing your ideas, we would all be even more appreciative of your time and attention.   


Secondary Objective Cards. We need at least 11 more solid ideas for Secondary Objective Cards. The current cards revolve mostly around the idea of killing of preserving specific models. While I would certainly be pleased to continue in this vein, there also seems the possibility to develop other kinds of Objectives –territorial, ideological, ecumenical, etc.

Fate Cards. The same. We could really use at least 12 more solid ideas for Fate Cards. We need more ideas. Perhaps this will be easier, as there is a greater scope for drama and implausibility here (perhaps  more temporary USRs as pictured right). By my way of thinking, the most important element to consider here is the pure cinematic force of Killzone.

Don’t feel obligated to come up with more ideas than you are comfortable creating, or that you need to stretch any single idea unnecessarily. I am interested in quality as much as quantity. If you have one golden idea –glorious… If you have 22 golden ideas, you are an absolute legend. Once more, I will appreciate comments on the blog here, but would prefer a direct email to my address at right.

Internets, you rock. Thanks for all your time, thought, and creativity. The responses thus far have been tremendous. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

++ particular props to Matt L for springing to action with an entire satchel of absolutely brilliant ideas right off the starting line. Nice one, Matt! Keep them coming Internets. ++

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SOS (part 2): Tokens - Markers

OK. You have had two full days to reflect on your Special Operations: Killzone gaming experiences. I trust that you have done so until it hurt. That’s good. Stay with me. You can stop in a moment.

Today’s SOS: What tokens and/or markers would have helped make this experience more vibrant, compelling, and rich in vitamin D? I need to know. Need. Specifically, I am thinking about the kind of tokens that are both plastic and laser-cut. You know the kind. You’ve seen them on this blog (the images provided here are just brain-stormed samples. You can do better, I'm certain).   

The Assignment Part One: what specific tokens - markers would you like to see as a gaming aid for your Killzone experience. Here, I’m thinking about the broad conceptual purpose of a marker –an obvious example: “I’d like to see an ‘Overwatch’ marker to help me keep track of models that are waiting to gun down the enemy in his movement phase.” That’s a helpful suggestion, but you can add more... At this point, no idea is too silly or too far-fetched. Let’s hear those ideas!

The Assignment Part Two: what specific shape would you like to see that marker take? Should the Overwatch marker fit around the model’s base, or sit by the model’s side? How might it distinguish that elusive 180 degree arc?  This part may involve some design experience, but a simple description will suffice. (note: you needn’t have the slightest clue about part two to respond to part one).

Again, I will appreciate comments on the blog here, but would prefer a direct email to my address at right.

And once again, we are hoping to have these produced for the games at AdeptiCon. Before you ask, unfortunately I don’t know if they will be available just yet for wider public consumption –to be candid, that decision will reside entirely with the manufacturer so I couldn’t possibly speculate other than to say if the demand exists, these things tend to sort themselves (in my humble experience). Either way, the Killzone development squad feels obligated to wash its hands of the matter once those game markers have been created. Still, fingers crossed.

I have yet more homework for you on Friday, and it will be arguably the most important (and most challenging) task thus far. To be sure, Friday’s Assignment requires the least amount of technical design experience but the most gaming design experience. Great stuff. The response has been wondrously prompt and helpful thus far.

Keep it up Internets. Keep it up.

Monday, January 10, 2011

SOS (part 1): Graphic Designer Needed ++


Right. I have run headfirst into the boundary of my ability (it was inevitable at this rate), and I am taking this opportunity to reflect on the nature of my limitations and to avoid making a complete debacle of the situation. Each day this week, I will be calling on the talents and inspiration of the blogosphere for assistance with a different task in hopes that you will do what you do best –ooze creativity, talent, and inspiration. 

So. I need help. Professional help.

Today’s SOS: I would like to call on the resources of a Graphic Designer out there in the blogosphere. I am looking to commission some professional quality work and intend to pay competitive rates for the privilege. Naturally, I am quite eager to flesh out more of the particular details in a personal correspondence should you accept this assignment. In the mean time, the following may help.

The Assignment: the newest edition of Special Operations: Killzone includes two different sets of cards –Secondary Objectives and Fate. The current state of these cards demonstrates my own ham-fisted attempts at graphic design. I am looking for someone to help design and to create polished imagery for the next permutation of these cards. The redesign involves both the face and the back of the cards, and I particularly would like to appeal to the creativity and talent out there on this front. As mentioned, I’m looking for really polished, professional work.

We will be updating these cards in the KZ rulebook (so they will be available as free downloads to one and all) and specifically for the games at AdeptiCon. It’s a reasonably ambitious project, and the turnaround is rather tight, but you can do it. I know you can.

If you are at all interested, able, and willing, please email me (you can find the address next to my face in the right column).

Preview of Wednesday’s post: I will ask you to reflect upon your Killzone gaming experiences to date. If you don’t have any, download this immediately and squish as many games in before Wednesday’s post. Specifically, I will ask you to think about markers, tokens, and whatnot that you feel did or would have helped you play the game. We need you, Internets. Will you answer the call?

Preview of Friday’s post: If you are not a designer in the graphic sense, never fear. I am going to be calling for design help all the same. Currently, we have roughly 7 iterations of each kind of card and we intend to expand that to at least 18 iterations of each card. The last response to this kind of call was absolutely tremendous, and this is a chance for you to really stretch your gaming wings. I definitely need your help here.

p.s. Thank you Cyborg Trucker for becoming the 200th follower of the blog. Thank you also to the 199 followers preceding him. I am extremely grateful for the support (and since then, I see that the number has climbed again to 202 -how fortuitous on my 202nd post!!! You'd almost think I'd planned that, if I only could). Thanks again one and all. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

WIP: Orks (to be continued?)

Of course they are. After all the Orky fervor, frenzy, and excitement this week, I grumbled back to my desk with the intention of clearing off a few more models already in progress before once more putting glue to plastic. That didn't last. How could it ever. 

The response to the Warbands this week was both unexpected and overwhelmingly positive. Thank you one and all. With all that in mind, I was simply incapable of leaving those holdout Orks/Orcs moldering on the shelf. That would have been rude. I should mention that I also found 6 more Nobz that I had liberated from the until recently quiet Khorneguy, bringing the WIP Nobz total to 14.

And then... I also picked up a gauntlet thrown with both vigor and good manners all the way from Oz. When Fester beckons, who can ignore the call? By pure happenstance, I was at the Chicago Battle Bunker this morning and made a distinct point acquisition of a few more Orkish goods with a proper bash in mind. More on that soon.  

Also, Skarvald, I read your note with interest and am calculating the possibilities. Nice one. 

Finally, I distinctly recommend Porky's Expanse for a tremendous set of posts on more Orky tremendousness (that's not a word). There's some really class conversion and greenstuff work happening.

I have said it before, almost by accident, I will have a playable (ahem. if not exactly competitive) Ork force in no time whatsoever.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Aldo Rezta and D’Arreztas (fin)

Now where were we… ah yes. D’Arreztas.

Because I had a few Nobz and also a few Boyz left over from the first two Warbands, and (as importantly) because I had at least one more Kan to build, I felt compelled to the point of obligation to stretch these growing Ork Warbands to a nice, round third.

Given that, I lacked immediate inspiration as I found so readily with the first two. And then... I won’t go so far as to say it is a pun, but Aldo Rezta (pictured at top) seems to have simply suggested himself from thin air in a fit of word play that, while not exactly clever, seemed at least worthy of an Orkish afterthought.

And now to his ramshackle D’Arreztas.

The Personalities:
Aldo Rezta –Nob with Big Choppa, ‘Eavy Armor, Refractor Field, Resilience upgrade and Waagh Banner.
Glubz Clubz –Nob, Big Choppa, ‘Eavy Armor, Resilience upgrade, and vinegar in his soul.

The Grist:
2 Nobz –‘Eavy Armor and not much else to set them apart from the crowd excepting a quirky coincidence in that they are the only two Nobz from my original AoBR set that have bone coloring on their helmets, as does Aldo R. It's not much, but there you go.
3 Boyz –‘Eavy Armor, and these three were the only three boyz that I’ve painted thus far that are bareheaded, which makes them accidental adherents to the organizing principle that I’ve applied to other groups.

Funny how that happens.

The Kan:
Killa Kan (to be named after first notable encounter on the tabletop) –Kustom Mega-Blasta. This is my one and only sacrifice to wysiwyg. The points worked perfectly to pull this Team up to an even 225, but I didn’t really have the gumption to figure my way around converting a Mega Blasta of the Kustom variety. Alas. This fellow will suffice.

And so that completes this week’s tour of the three basic Warbands that comprise my nefarious Waaagh! Will there be a fourth? But of course.

I had so much fun bashing the first 5 Orc/Ork Nobz that I assembled another 8 this morning. And then I remembered that I also have 6 more standard Nobz from the AoBR box that I acquired some time ago… AND there’s another Killa Kan in the margins as well.

How about that. I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to. Just as well I don’t.