Monday, January 3, 2011

Dr. Dakkasteef and the Teeftotallers (fin)


Yesterday, I mentioned a veritable slew of projects that I’ve got in the works, and finished with a note about my expanding gaggle of Orks (that rhymes).

While you will likely have heard me blather on about Dr. Dakkasteef and his Teeftotallers before today, specifically with regard to their growing prominence among my Special Operations Killzone Teams, about half of the following will be new to the diligent reader.

In a game dynamic that encourages individuality and that requires a bit of attention, as such, I wanted to be as faithfully wysiwyg with these minis. And so, I must give a tremendously thank you to Skarvald. Here’s why.

The wildly faithful reader might remember that I mentioned bumping in to a friend of mine, Joe, at AdeptiCon last year. He was competing in the team tournament with a great group of guys, and with a really inspiring assortment of Orks. In that army, Joe and Skarvald had mixed Ork Nobz bits with Big Orcs or Black Orcs (?) bits from WFB. For me, this was one of those moments when the lightbulb clicks on. -ting-

The combination of the Nob and Orc kits not only offers some brilliant modeling opportunities and some really quirky Nobz, but also allows the attentive modeler a chance to stretch the few Nobz from that kit into a much more numerous assembly. Let nothing go to waste! It’s an idea made of win. Thank you, Joe. Thank you, Skarvald.

Well. Here’s how the Teeftotallers stack up as of today:

The Personalities:
Dr. Dakkasteef –Meganob with Refractor Field.
Fankz –Nob with Big Choppa and the Resilient Skill upgrade.
Burna Boy –as yet unnamed, with Medipak.

The Grist:
2 Nobz –chosen for their resemblance to the good Dr. D (eye and teeth specifically).
3 Gretchin –I had a few leftover points.
5 Ork ‘Ard Boyz –one of whom also sports a comely Big Shoota.

That’s 224 points worth of Ork Warband ready for action. Both Wednesday and Friday, I will detail the (now completed) remaining two Warbands/Teams. Yes. Two. Gutgrope Grotshank’s Warband, the Shanksies, and Aldo Rezta’s Wardand, D’Arreztas.(terrible, I know). 

p.s. I can't help but feel that at least one of these little Grots should be shouting "hiiiiigh nooon."


Rushputin said...



Randroid said...

Looking good! I like the mix of the 40k and WHFB Orc/Ork bits. Doing something similar with my Orc Blood Bowl team.

Fridge said...

Impressive, possibly some of the best orks i've seen. The color palette is perfect, and the craft using 40k and fantasy bits is great.

Loquacious said...

Yeah, Wow.

Kinsman said...

Very good looking orks, man. Love the checkerboard pattern, as well.

Skeeter said...

Great looking models. I used the black orks and some nob parts to make Mega Nobs, sure had to glue some shootas together to make the twin link shoota but they look great, IMO better than the metal minis that are too blocky looking.
If you like to read about orks check out the book "Dakkatoof" it is a book about orks as seen by orks. You can get the direct link here:

Bartender said...

Very nice!

GDMNW said...

You know I can't but help that Killzone is what the project that Gorka Morka came out of should have produced.

It's such a great concept, it's been well executed and I just wish there was someone within shouting distance who would play it with me!

The Teeftotallers are something out of this world. I'm astounded by how cool they are.

Good job!

Big Jim said...

They look outstanding B!

I shall be posting the first Soul Reapers SOG later this week. I finally have my painting mojo back!


SAJ said...

I agree with the others, very nice greenskins
(cool terrain too)

Brian said...

@ Rushputin. Why thank you.

@ Randroid. Cool idea for Blood Bowl. It's the perfect opportunity to mix and match for personality.

@ Fridge. Thank you very much. You are too kind. More Orks today and Friday. I hope you enjoy.

@ Loquacious. Cheers.

@ Sgt. Brisbane. Thank you. The checkerboard has become the Teeftotaller's calling card, so to speak. I'm a bit clumsy with it still, but learning learning learning.

@ Skeeter. Great Link! And here I imagined that "Dakkasteef" was an original name. I should have known better. ha.

@ Bartender. Thank you kindly.

@ GDMNW. I've been loving these Orks and I'd absolutely leap at the opportunity to revisit Gorka Morka. I was on the periphery of the hobby when it was out and about... Does it still exist as a download or somesuch somewhere?

@ Big Jim. Pleased to hear that you are back in the proverbial saddle. Looking forward to seeing those Reapers.

@ SAJ. Cheers.

Thank you one and all. This was a tremendous response -and here I was afraid that you might be getting tired of all my blathering about Killzone and Orks and all the rest of it. Thank you very much for the kind words and the support.


Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Thank you, Brian, for the mention.
Yes, Joe did combine his Ork Nobz with Black Orcs from WHFB. We actually thought he'd never finish converting them as he was still building and adding more and more bitz while the rest of us (me and Andy) were painting. They turned out very nice!
Mine weren't crazy converted, but I did make a Russian hat with ear-flaps and a communist red star in the middle on one of my Ork Nobz.