Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SOS (part 2): Tokens - Markers

OK. You have had two full days to reflect on your Special Operations: Killzone gaming experiences. I trust that you have done so until it hurt. That’s good. Stay with me. You can stop in a moment.

Today’s SOS: What tokens and/or markers would have helped make this experience more vibrant, compelling, and rich in vitamin D? I need to know. Need. Specifically, I am thinking about the kind of tokens that are both plastic and laser-cut. You know the kind. You’ve seen them on this blog (the images provided here are just brain-stormed samples. You can do better, I'm certain).   

The Assignment Part One: what specific tokens - markers would you like to see as a gaming aid for your Killzone experience. Here, I’m thinking about the broad conceptual purpose of a marker –an obvious example: “I’d like to see an ‘Overwatch’ marker to help me keep track of models that are waiting to gun down the enemy in his movement phase.” That’s a helpful suggestion, but you can add more... At this point, no idea is too silly or too far-fetched. Let’s hear those ideas!

The Assignment Part Two: what specific shape would you like to see that marker take? Should the Overwatch marker fit around the model’s base, or sit by the model’s side? How might it distinguish that elusive 180 degree arc?  This part may involve some design experience, but a simple description will suffice. (note: you needn’t have the slightest clue about part two to respond to part one).

Again, I will appreciate comments on the blog here, but would prefer a direct email to my address at right.

And once again, we are hoping to have these produced for the games at AdeptiCon. Before you ask, unfortunately I don’t know if they will be available just yet for wider public consumption –to be candid, that decision will reside entirely with the manufacturer so I couldn’t possibly speculate other than to say if the demand exists, these things tend to sort themselves (in my humble experience). Either way, the Killzone development squad feels obligated to wash its hands of the matter once those game markers have been created. Still, fingers crossed.

I have yet more homework for you on Friday, and it will be arguably the most important (and most challenging) task thus far. To be sure, Friday’s Assignment requires the least amount of technical design experience but the most gaming design experience. Great stuff. The response has been wondrously prompt and helpful thus far.

Keep it up Internets. Keep it up.


The Inner Geek said...

I appreciate your concern for our vitamin D level. Without it, we can't do much with our calcium.

I think, using your example of overwatch, a counter that was shaped to fit around 1/2 the base would be awesome. When you declare overwatch, you can place the counter facing the direction you are overwatching. And since it's only a half circle (arch shaped?) it will mark where they mini is looking. Just a thought.

Brian said...

@ The IG. You are right, the half base would be the best solution. Thanks!