Friday, January 14, 2011

SOS (part 3): Card Concepts

On Monday I mentioned that we intend to revamp the physical appearance of the Special Operations: Killzone cards –both the Secondary Objective and the Fate variety. To accompany this snazzy new look, I would also like to dramatically expand the content of those cards and to make those cards available to you, the gentle enthusiast, either as an addendum to the rulebook or as yet another download. Naturally.

Today’s SOS: Currently, we have roughly 7 iterations (6 published) of each card and we intend to expand that to at least 18 iterations each. Obviously, this will add some genuinely random and wild elements to your Killzone game, which is unabashedly the idea. As mentioned previously, the last response to a call of this nature was absolutely tremendous, and this is a superb chance for you to really stretch your gaming wings. I distinctly need your help here. All of it.

The Assignment: This task also has two obvious strands but, before I discuss them directly, I would like to direct your gaze politely toward the cards as they exist currently. There’s a general formula for each type of card: each Secondary Objective Card (above), for example, has Title, Concept, Game Mechanic. A Fate Card (below) includes Title, Game Mechanic, and Card Playability. If you would be so kind, please adhere to this simple formula in your proposal(s). Also, I have found that there is room on each card for roughly 130 (certainly no more than 150) words. It’s a lot to consider, I know, but if you could keep this in mind when writing your ideas, we would all be even more appreciative of your time and attention.   


Secondary Objective Cards. We need at least 11 more solid ideas for Secondary Objective Cards. The current cards revolve mostly around the idea of killing of preserving specific models. While I would certainly be pleased to continue in this vein, there also seems the possibility to develop other kinds of Objectives –territorial, ideological, ecumenical, etc.

Fate Cards. The same. We could really use at least 12 more solid ideas for Fate Cards. We need more ideas. Perhaps this will be easier, as there is a greater scope for drama and implausibility here (perhaps  more temporary USRs as pictured right). By my way of thinking, the most important element to consider here is the pure cinematic force of Killzone.

Don’t feel obligated to come up with more ideas than you are comfortable creating, or that you need to stretch any single idea unnecessarily. I am interested in quality as much as quantity. If you have one golden idea –glorious… If you have 22 golden ideas, you are an absolute legend. Once more, I will appreciate comments on the blog here, but would prefer a direct email to my address at right.

Internets, you rock. Thanks for all your time, thought, and creativity. The responses thus far have been tremendous. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

++ particular props to Matt L for springing to action with an entire satchel of absolutely brilliant ideas right off the starting line. Nice one, Matt! Keep them coming Internets. ++

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how about some kind of teleportation device using the rules for the gate power in the space marine codex
but just 1 use