Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday: WIP

Orks Orks Orks Orks. Little over one week ago, fellow blogger (and Aussie extraordinaire) Fester threw down the proverbial gauntlet with a bold and inspirational challenge. After having complimented his work on a really gruesome and brilliant Battlewagon (observe the Rolla, and the nifty paintjob) -he suggested that I have a run at something similar. Naturally, I accepted.

Happenstance had it that I was out for an extremely rare visit to the Chicago Battle Bunker a mere 48 hours later, when and where I dutifully purchased this monster.

To be frank, I have expanded and rethought the parameters of the challenge a little bit, but the basic premise is both sound and the execution most certainly in the spirit of the affair. I was slightly intimidated when I first opened the box on this guy –there are so very many bits, and they all seem so utterly random, which I now understand is precisely the point. Well. 

I know that I have said this before, and at the lamentable risk repeating myself entirely too frequently, I have to confess once more how much fun I’ve been having with these Orks. I never, never in a million years expected to be an Ork player. Sure, I have always gotten a modest chortle from the humor written into their story, but that grin is becoming much larger and the chortle is turning into a proper guffaw –an evil guffaw at that.

No. It will be a warm day on Fenris before you hear me bellow a proper (or an improper) Waagh!!! I promise never to do so -neither privately nor publicly. 

But still, let’s hear it for those Orks eh.


Papa JJ said...

I admire your principled stand against the WAAAGH!!!, although I will say it is always easier to take such a position from the peace and security of one's painting desk. It's a different matter all together when in the think of battle and the Orky madness begins to cloud your mind. After that it's all downhill and you'll soon find yourself trying to pay for things with Teef. Good luck!

Awesome looking Nob, by the way. I like the mix of 40k and fantasy bits that you used... very cool!

Von said...

You got me.

I thought you should know that. You are partially responsible for my fall from grace.

I await the results of whatever you're doing with that Sentinel.

Porky said...

It's very good fun. I could tinker with bits of Ork all day, and I probably would given the time.

What's lurking in the background interests me too. I can see a Necromunda hired gun, but I can't make out what's behind it. It's like looking at pre-release leaks and willing the shapes to form! And if it's on your desk, it must be worth looking at.

The Inner Geek said...

Nice nob. I'm excited to see what you do with the Dread though. Even without arms he looks ready to kick the crap out of something. And his stompy-ness shall know no bounds...

fester said...

The Orks are... well, one of those armies that slowly draws you in.

When you get there you realise that watching stuff blow up and kill your own troops is as much, if not more fun then killing the enemy.

I apologize for the horde that will slowly encroach on your workdesk mate :)

When you want a list done up to use the models you have, let me know >:)

*Watching with delight*
Also, thanks for the link to my Wagon.

Brian said...

@ Pappa JJ. Teeth for goods and services, hmmm.

@ Von. Apologies. I take full responsibility.:)

@ Porky. You are too kind. I'll confess that this was a happy accident. I'm thinking about having my Nob bikers skip the "bike" part of the equation and harken back to the days of yore. The blur is a test piece.

@ The Inner Geek. Indeed. I expect him to accomplish some olympic quality stomping... in good time.

@ Fester. A pleasure. I wasn't blowing smoke when I said your wagon was/is inspirational. It's got me thinking thinking thinking. Great Challenge. I live for this kind of banter.

fester said...

Aha! I recognize it now that I know what you are talking about Porky. I won't spill the beans, I will let you take care of that b.

And once again, thanks :)
Plan is to get some decent quality shots of the Wagon in the next few days.

Porky said...

@ b.smoove and fester - With those cryptic comments, I realise what the shape is. It makes me very happy! I feel a kinship too, for the name I bear. Have you thought about adding any 'cy-' to the equation?