Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday: WIP

Rest easy. There will be plenty more Inquisitorial Gold for you to peruse this week. As a kind of ideological balance, I have prepared a pair of progress shots for the wonderful new plastic Daemon Princes that I am currently stitching together for the right and honorable Referee Pitmann.

There hasn’t been too much movement on these for the last week or so (but then there’s good reason for that), nevertheless I have been enjoying the slow and steady steps toward malevolence.

These plastic kits are just tremendous, and both Pitmann and I have enjoyed some of the humor we perceive in the sculpts. Is it me, or is the fellow above flipping the metaphorical bird to his admirers (if not on the one hand, then surely the other, correct)? Maybe we are too old to titter like schoolgirls and tepid vulgarity, but there you are. We enjoyed it all the same.

Moreover, all the nostalgia has me thinking about the amount of mayhem Pitmann’s old metal DP has created through the years. In tribute to all that mayhem, I will be modeling various trophies and casualties around the base, each of which is designed to evoke one of the armies (indeed, one of my armies) that Pitmann’s DP has trod upon in these last ten years. 

In the end, the idea here will be to have two different (but properly wysiwyg-ed) manifestations of the same Daemon Prince, but I suspect that I may, at some point, be facing two DPs across the table anyway. ahem. I would do the same to him if the cloven hoof were on the other leg. 

Tremendous fun. 

p.s. as for the exceedingly large number of bitz left over from these two kits, never worry. You'll be seeing plenty of that down the road as well. 


Von said...

I like the reposes; one thing that does bother me about that kit is how surprisingly limiting the stance is, but you seem to be actively resisting the stock pose insofar as you can, and that pleases me.

Brian said...

Cheers Von. Completely agree. We didn't go too far outside the box (...yet), but every step helps. Moreover, by doubling up, we have space to make a reasonably standard DP or two, with heaps of bits leftover for later projects...
Thanks for the kind words.