Sunday, January 9, 2011

WIP: Orks (to be continued?)

Of course they are. After all the Orky fervor, frenzy, and excitement this week, I grumbled back to my desk with the intention of clearing off a few more models already in progress before once more putting glue to plastic. That didn't last. How could it ever. 

The response to the Warbands this week was both unexpected and overwhelmingly positive. Thank you one and all. With all that in mind, I was simply incapable of leaving those holdout Orks/Orcs moldering on the shelf. That would have been rude. I should mention that I also found 6 more Nobz that I had liberated from the until recently quiet Khorneguy, bringing the WIP Nobz total to 14.

And then... I also picked up a gauntlet thrown with both vigor and good manners all the way from Oz. When Fester beckons, who can ignore the call? By pure happenstance, I was at the Chicago Battle Bunker this morning and made a distinct point acquisition of a few more Orkish goods with a proper bash in mind. More on that soon.  

Also, Skarvald, I read your note with interest and am calculating the possibilities. Nice one. 

Finally, I distinctly recommend Porky's Expanse for a tremendous set of posts on more Orky tremendousness (that's not a word). There's some really class conversion and greenstuff work happening.

I have said it before, almost by accident, I will have a playable (ahem. if not exactly competitive) Ork force in no time whatsoever.


BaBuGames said...

That's it, I want myself an Ork force!... oh boy oh boy, it's people like you that make me wantinting to ditch my new years resolution of not buying anything new untill I have everything painted I have. (should take me to 2012).
Orks seem so cool I want them and my fingers are itching to get painting them.I will reset my resolution to finish everything 40K before starting a new 40K army.

Porky said...

Warpaintguy's excitement is how I feel too looking at your stuff. Thanks, b.smoove. All praise is good praise, but coming from you it's something else.

Brian said...

@ warpaintguy. January 10th is the perfect time to abandon all new year's resolutions. In fact, I'm impressed you made it this far. Thanks for the kind words.

@ Porky. Cheers mate. I'm looking forward to more.

The Angry Lurker said...

Your orks are excellent, very nice painting.

Brian said...

@ The Angry Lurker. Thank you, kindly.