Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is a once in a hobby lifetime event. The previous statement is not hyperbole (see * below).

You will likely have noticed by now that I intend to RAFFLE the ALACRITY (sorry for shouting). Certainly, I have been talking about nothing else all week. Here, for your Alacrity convenience, I have included all the salient details in one post. I will be dipping in from time to time with reminders until the date of the raffle arrives… Here we go:

Click on the donate button at the top right.
10$ equals 1 ticket. 10$ is the minimum entry and that donation puts your name in the proverbial hat. Each subsequent donation of 5$ earns you another ticket in the raffle.
25$ equals 5 tickets.
50$ equals 15 tickets.
and so on…

Anyone in this universe may enter; I will ship your winnings directly to your door. In the coming weeks, I will send each entrant an email with your lucky ticket number(s). The more you donate the more you likely you will wake one morning to find the entire Sin of Alacrity on your front step. As ever, I encourage you to think about what else you could get for 10$. Moreover, I encourage even the tightest and prevailed upon out there in the greater blogosphere to skip one, maybe one and a half cups of your usual coffee sludge this month and make a worthwhile donation to a worthwhile blog. (see also my note on the merits of raffle v. auction at bottom*).

March 13, midnight, is your last chance to donate and enter the raffle.
March 15, Tuesday, we will select the winner and immediately make the announcement. This will be filmed and posted as well to ensure the more cynical that all is as it should be.
I am packaging the Alacrity this week, so once the winner has been selected, I will get the package in the post immediately –it’s not called Alacrity for nothing.

I have included here a detailed outline of the Alacrity’s Specifications. If, by chance, you would like additional information, photos, measurements, etc. please shoot me an email and I will answer you to the very best of my ability.

So. Those specs:

4 (16”x16”) Great Rooms:
-The Chapel
-The Bridge
-The Detention Chamber
-The Barracks

4 (12”x16”) Rooms:
-Vapor Condenser Room
-Engineering Room
-Storage Room
-Standard Room

1 (8”x24”) Very Long Corridor:

5 (8”x12”) Long Corridors:

6 (8”x8”) Short Corridors:

Tons of Sundry Bits:
-10+ Door Panels
-Biomass Filth
-Barrack Beds
-Sentry Gun
-Interrogation Wracks
-Mechanical Features
-Chapel Pews and Altar
-Flotsam and Jetsam

I have heard a few people mention that the Alacrity seems rather, well, large. That is absolutely true when spread across a roughly 5½ x 7 -foot table as you see here; however, the pieces are modular and store wonderfully. For years now, the Alacrity has lived on just one single bookshelf in my hobby space. You can’t beat that with a stick. 

All proceeds from this humble raffle are going to cover the cost of shipping …as I type this, I will make a loss on this raffle –that’s bad for me, but good for your chances of winning. While I hope that the raffle gains some interest and traction in the coming weeks, I intend to honor the deal even if only five of you sign on -a deal is a deal. Still, I would like to cover shipping costs at least, so tell a friend. Tell your FLGS. Tell your mother. Tell anyone that might be interested. You will never get more for less. I promise you. This is a once in a hobby lifetime event.  

If, fingers crossed, enough of you enter to cover the cost of shipping, I intend to use the remaining proceeds to help build the Killzone tables for AdeptiCon.

OK. So that’s the raffle in glorious technicolor. Good Luck.

*The Merits of Raffle v. Auction: 
I considered some time ago putting the Alacrity up on the auction block –ebay or somesuch. I decided for a raffle instead for one, and really only one, specific reason: I want everyone interested to have a genuine chance to win her. I do not want the Alacrity to find a new owner based solely on the criteria of financial readiness and/or pocket depth. Instead, I want to send this Hulk of Glory to someone who actually wants it and who will enjoy it tremendously. Everyone in this hobby should have 10$ to spare. Let’s be candid. This hobby takes a small bit of solvency. An anecdotal glance at the GW website tells me that for 10$ you can buy either 3 plastic tactical marines or ten shoulder pads. To be sure, even Telion costs 15$. By comparison, you could win an entire Space Hulk for 2/3rd the cost of Telion. That’s nuts. In this sense, the raffle is designed to be a genuinely stunning bargain, yes, but also a great leveler of opportunity. You have just about the same chance as anyone/everyone else.

And so…
Before you become exhausted by this train of posts, I want to mention that this week I will move on (or rather, back) to my trip down Memory Lane for a solid look at the Inquisitorial side of my old Inquisitorial Force(s). There’s some good stuff to be had. See you tomorrow.

Oh, and DONATE >>>>


Warhammer39999 said...

I told my mom, but she didn't seem terribly interested. Matter of factly, she said I had better things to spend my money on than "silly games." Hrmpf... What does she know?

Brian said...

haha. That's tough love, I suppose.

The Independent Characters said...

Much too good of an opportunity to NOT enter! Sent my entry in!

Brian said...

Thank you very much, and Good Luck!

Tallarn said...

I scheduled a post for next Wednesday to remind people about the auction. Prepare your servers for the avalanche of hits lol.