Friday, February 11, 2011

The Alacrity Raffle: WHAT YOU WIN

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As even a casual observer of the blog will have seen, The Sin of Alacrity has served me well. Below you will find her measurements and an outline of what you (yes you) could win in this glorious raffle. But before I do that, please let me mention one very important point about space (the kind in your cupboard, not the outer variety). Yes, the Alacrity is big when you spread it out across a table, but it is modular and it collapses quite nicely. I’ve not  been too  ambitious or clever with my organization here, and even then I am able to fit nearly all of the Alacrity onto one (just one) bookshelf.


Now. When what you see above re-translates to realspace from the capricious warp, the Alacrity unfolds onto an approximately 5'x7' table quite well:

Perhaps there's a lesson in space-time here. I'm not sure. But if you are still hesitating to pull the proverbial trigger, let me describe the specific details of what you are looking at above and what you can win for ten bucks.

4 (16”x16”) Great Rooms:
-The Chapel
-The Bridge
-The Detention Chamber
-The Barracks

4 (12”x16”) Standard Rooms:
-Vapor Condenser Room
-Engineering Room
-Storage Room
-Standard Room

1 (8”x24”) Long Corridor:

5 (8”x12”) Standard Corridors:

6 (8”x8”) Short Corridors:

 Tons of Sundry Bits:
-10+ Door Panels (slotted for removal)
-Biomass Filth
-Barrack Beds
-Sentry Gun
-Interrogation Wracks
-Mechanical Features
-Chapel Pews and Altar
-Flotsam and Jetsam

A few final thoughts:
The World is your Oyster: If you missed this comment from Wednesday, please let me reiterate that this raffle is open to absolutely anyone. If you live on the Moon, I’ll ship the Alacrity to you. It may take a while, granted, but it’ll land on your doorstep in due time.

The Alacrity is your Oyster as well: The Alacrity is modular. You can shape it and reshape it and so on until the cows come home. For years, I have played and played and played games on this table without having duplicated a set up or scenario (excepting in those rare moments when I’ve done so deliberately).

Storage: As shown above, the Alacrity may seem massive, but it’s not, really. Storage has never been an issue for me, as the nearly the entire range fits snuggly on the bottom level of my hobby bookshelf (see photos at top).

Now let's have a couple shots of those "sundry bits" mentioned above. There's more, of course, but I've included these here to show just how readily these accessories build the narrative and intrigue of the table. Moreover, they add some compelling elements to your game as well. Here's a taste :

Not a bad investment for a mere 10$. In many places these days that same ten dollars wouldn’t even buy you a largo-spiced-half-caff-half-skim-pumpkin-mocha-frappucino. Which would you rather have? I’m not saying. I’m just saying.

Spiced Latte?

The Sin of Alacrity.

... at the very least, enjoy a few more shots of her below.

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