Sunday, February 20, 2011

ALACRITY RAFFLE: what ten dollars can buy you

I encourage anyone who has not yet done so either to click here for the details of the Alacrity Raffle, or to skip the formalities and simply donate at the right. This is a genuinely incredible opportunity, bargain, cause. While interest has grown slightly, the odds that you will wake one fine spring morning to find a monstrous, looming Space Hulk on your doorstep are really quite strong (no matter where you live on this great globe). I've still not covered even most modest potential cost of shipping, so that should give you an idea of how strong your chances actually are. Bad for me. Good for you.

For such a modest buy in, the opportunity is simply too good to pass. Let me illustrate. A hasty search of the interwebs tells me that $10.00 US Dollars will earn you the following:

One entry to the Alacrity Raffle. Of course:

At Games Workshop, a bit more than the price of entry to this raffle, $10.75 before tax, fetches you ten Genesis Chapter shoulder pads. Tempting. You shouldn't need me to tell you this, but there's not much else you will find on that website for $10.00 or less.

At Starbucks, $8.95 before tax will see you home with this lovely booklet about coffee, of all things. You may also purchase a coffee at Starbucks for about the same. I'm not sure which would be more rewarding and/or stimulating. But there you go.

I was quite interested to note that on ebay you can actually purchase a ten dollar bill... for $13.99, and that was one of the cheaper ones I spotted. The mind boggles.

I also spotted these postcards for $10.00 even, which is nice if you are in to that kind of thing. 

OR you could buy a single ticket to win ALL OF THIS. I cover shipping. You revel in glory. 

If the raffle generates enough to cover shipping, whatever remains will go directly toward the building of Killzone tables for AdeptiCon. Glorious! Donate now.


Allan and Carmen said...

I couldn't resist any longer and bought a ticket.

Hope you ship to Australia :)

Either way somebody will be one happy gamer as will his gaming buddies.

Happy Gaming,


Brian said...

Cheers mate. I will, indeed, ship to Australia. It won't be overnight, but the Alacrity will get there.

Good luck!

The Inner Geek said...

Wow, I'm glad you didn't post this before I made my donation... who knew I could've got some Genesis Chapter shoulder pads for only a tiny bit more? Luckily I'm not a coffee drinker (nor do I read much about it) so no regrets on the Starbucks front.

Brian said...

@ The Inner Geek. The ten dollar bill is my favorite. How is that even possible?

The Inner Geek said...



It also brings to mind a great skit from an old episode of SNL.

"we're not gonna give you two thousand nickels"

Brian said...

Great link. I still love that skit after all this time. In fact, I think it's funnier now than it was back then.

Benoit Lescarbeau said...

I was convinced. Who knows, I might get lucky!

Brian said...

@ Benoit. Thank you kindly, and Good Luck!