Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Memory Lane: Inquisitor Number One

So here we are back for another week on Memory Lane for a healthy bit of nostalgia and reflection (…but if you somehow missed the details of the auction, please, by all means, click here immediately).

This week, we are going to take a hearty look at my four Inquisitors, each of whom represents one of the quirky three permutations that my Inquisitorial Forces enjoyed in those early years (in chronological order: black and red stripes, blue, then gold). For a better look at the forces supporting these lunatics, please have a glance at the other recent memory lane posts.

Those of you that follow this blog regularly will quite likely find no surprise in that my first Inquisitor was not, in fact, an Inquisitor at all but rather a Librarian of the power armor variety –Dark Angels no less. From this vantage, that actually seems modestly appropriate, but I was not even slightly aware of these things back then. In fact, I remember being rather frustrated by the level of detail on this model in comparison to my skill/ability to paint that detail. I just wasn’t quite there yet. Nevertheless, it’s a tremendously cool model, and I wanted to try my hand. From the word go, I was compulsively drawn toward that delicate balance between the models that struck me, solidly, in this case with a ceramite gauntlet across the cheek, and my only-then dawning interest in the actual game. This simple fact has been a near constant Pushmi-Pullyu (push me pull you) in my hobby experience.
As if to punctuate the entire affair, this noble Inquisitor took two unlikely fellows as companions in his retinue. Ignore, if you will, some of the potential heretical iconography found on these dear acolytes (hammers, comets, what?). I certainly did. Again, If the Inquisitor can do it, why can’t they… or so the logic seems to follow -excepting, naturally, that this logic would never, ever hold with the Inquisition. What's not to love about that. I suppose the point, once more, is that hobby interests were working in direct competition to my actual experience with the game, and that this sometimes fragile equilibrium works here, I think.  

Some points of interest (for me) as I look back on this messy and righteous bundle of fury:
The Color Black: these gray robes were never intended to be so. In fact, I was aiming so squarely at black that I repeatedly tried to redo and redo and redo these robes. The effort doesn't show. I know. I know. Indeed, only relatively recently have I learned a technique for black that leaves me feeling satisfactorily, well, black (you can find that recipe here). I remember quite distinctly the maudlin frustration in producing the correct tone back then and, upon reflection, I can see that frustration in all the tones of these models -from top to bottom. Nothing is quite right here. Still, the group remains characterful and coherent, mostly because the quality of the models and because the colors (although off) are consistently so. 

The Banner: the Inquisitor/Librarian’s banner remains my favorite little trick from this group, and one that for some inexplicable reason I have not attempted since. I photocopied the banner from those provided in the codex (or was it a white dwarf article?) onto heavy paper. Then, I trimmed it with a hobby knife and folded it around his banner pole. I used simple white glue to adhere to two sides and bent the folds into it as the glue dried. I love the effect. It could not have been more simple. I do not know why I have never tried it again…

Well. For the next post we will look at the Inquisitor (who is actually an inquisitor this time… but with a slight modification) from the “blue” period. Then Friday, I have two gems for you from the gold.   

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Mordian7th said...

Good stuff! I'm really liking the memory lane posts, and have been doing some of my own of late as well. The banner is particularly nice, and I like the use of the mordheim(?) priest models in the retinue. Can't wait to see what's next!

Brian said...

Cheers, my good man. I have to say, I've been enjoying the direction of your blog as well lately (apologies that I've not been more vocal -babies one and two, and work, have been soaking up time like a sponge).

Friday will be my favorites from this Inquisitorial crowd. I hope you like them.