Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Memory Lane: On a Golden Wing (part four)

I had an idea that, once the momentum got behind me, I could and would harness the kinetic energy and make an entire Space Marine army of these gold fellows. I imagined that they would be something like the personal chapter of my Inquisitor(s) –beholden to them in grim times, and then even more bleak times (one must presume that the sun never shines on the Inquisition).

Well, that never happened, but I did stitch together this crowd of Assault Marines on the odd chance. This squad is a delicate bunch. There were ten. Two bust. In fact, two more bust in the process of removing and replacing them from their casing. Someday I’ll get around to mending them, but there are simply too many more items that clamor for my attention these days. See you Friday for the final, golden installment. Thanks for your patience. Ha. 


The Angry Lurker said...

Lovely figures, you certainly have the midas touch (sorry I don't know what came over me).

Brian said...

Apologies? My good man, such behavior is encouraged here at A Gentleman's Ones. Indeed.