Sunday, February 6, 2011

what wip

It’s been about 2 ½ weeks since I touched a paintbrush, so once more I have little by way of WIP to show you. I can, however, remark upon these two notable events in no particular order.

First, you may have heard that the Midwest got stuffed by a wild snowstorm midweek. Indeed. 

The amount of snow was neither here nor there –a little more than two feet. We try to cope with these things quite stoically in Chicago. (A neighbor recently purchased one of those industrial strength snow-blowers, and was seemingly determined to get his money’s worth in a single morning. He cleared our entire block and even most of the alley behind. Nice one, Jack). Having said that, the winds made this an extraordinary storm. The entire house shook with the force and, in all my days, I’ve never seen lightning nor heard thunder in the middle of a snowstorm. It was dramatic.

[Trivia moment for those inclined: the Windy City (which is, in fact, rather windy by the lake) is known as such for the particular excitability and bluster of its politicians, and not for its meteorological disposition.]

And then there’s this much more momentous, to my mind, bundle of tenacity. Behold the ferociousness. These two have been keeping the Smoove household very, very busy these last few weeks. It’s an adjustment for all parties concerned, to be sure. Here, Boyzilla teaches Babyzilla the finer points of stuffed animal projection. It's both science and art (note: cheers to Roberto Vo5 for the aforementioned projectile -the invaluable sleepsheep). 

Still, by the end of this month, Gentleman’s Ones hopes to be off memory lane and once more in production of bounteous material for your perusal. I’ll have to be, as I’ve got just two short months to produce 6 (yes, six) 4x4 tables for Killzone at AdeptiCon. 

And on that note, be sure to check out this week’s posts. I’ve got something rather grand in store, and you will not want to miss it. In fact, tell a friend. Tell three friends. This is a once in a hobby-lifetime opportunity.


The Angry Lurker said...

I'll be waiting and never knew thats what the windy city meant.

Brent said...

I'm itching to paint myself. Here I am in Texas and we've been snowed in for a week!

I missed work two days last week, but it was too cold to prime and paint... thus I went a bit stir crazy. I'm going to try out a space heater in the game room to see if I can get some brush time in.

Congrats on the new kiddo!

Alexander Man said...

Thanks for the trivia facts. Snow storm and lightnings... sounds like great weather for a Ctulhu game night. Seems like you have your hands full with those projectail teddy bear cannons :) Congrats..!

Bix said...

*Makes note of Windy City Trivia for next Pub Quiz.*

I think we've been on the receiving end of the echoes of that storm these last 3 days, had a few roof tiles rattled. At least the snow seems to have stayed on your side of the Pond, here in the UK we shut down at the first sprinkle of the white stuff.

Stay warm guys and look forward to reading what grand stuff you have in store.

Faolain said...

That sleep sheep is one of the greatest inventions ever.

Porky said...

Wind Cities all round then!

You're really building this week up. I'll definitely be here. I can only think they've finally given you and Big Jim the reins of the design studio, that you're making Papa JJ the new Jervis of his dreams and leading us into a new Golden Age. Or - gold being a sore point perhaps - a Lustrous Age. I'll gladly make the tea and bring the biscuits.

Loquacious said...

The storms were not nice and I am glad they're done, than goodness.

Oh -- Boyzilla and Babyzilla are what's got you all a tizzy!

What wonderful amusements lie ahead, mate- walking, talking, "what is it", school, dating, driving... and much more. Enjoy so very much as it unfolds.

I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us!

Sidney Roundwood said...

Boyzilla and Babyzilla..... awesome, B, simply awesome. And, just think, some ready made opponents in only a few short years! Take care and, as ever, really looking forward to what's coming from you...

Papa JJ said...

Thank goodness for helpful neighbors, saving people from having to shovel snow is worthy of sainthood. Congratulations to the happy Smoove household, hooray!!

The Inner Geek said...

Those two munchkins look close in age. Mine are 19 months and 5 months, and it's a chore when they are so close in age. But I bet you have a ton of fun with them between diapers changes...

Brian said...

@ The Angry Lurker: I don't think many people in Chicago know that either. The city became really windy when they built the skyscrapers, which act like wind tunnels for the air coming off the lake, but the name precedes the skyscraper... so it goes.

@ Brent: I can't thank you enough. But thank you all the same. Thanks also for well-wishes. The family is good. Snow in Texas, eh?

@ Alexander Man: Thank you, kindly.

@ Bix: I think you Brits underrate yourselves. I remember quite a few rather arresting storms from my long, bleak years in Sunny Scotland. They were sobering, to be sure.

@ Faolin: Solidarity.

@ Porky: If only, mate. If only. JJ would make a good Jervis methinks.

@ Loquacious: Tizzy indeed. We are a very, very sleepy group these days. My heart sank a little when I read the word "driving." That's not possible... is it?

@ Sidney Roundwood: I much prefer your "ready made opponents" perspective to the above reminder that the boys will both date and drive at some point. Cheers for that. Thank you also for the kind words. Cheers.

@ Pappa JJ... or should I say, "Jervis." More than most, you understand genuine kindness. Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.

@ The Inner Geek: the zillas are 15 months apart to the day (believe it or not). Solidarity, mate. But it seems you beat us by a month. People keep telling us this is better in the long run... but I suspect that they are just being polite.

Cheers one and all for the kind words, well-wishes, and gestures of both comfort and solidarity. You are very, very much appreciated.