Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AdeptiCon Tables: part five

“Ave Imperator. Morituri te salutant.”

Both Tall Paul and Mrs Smoove have suggested that I keep these photos close to my chest, that I not reveal them to you, the gentle reader, for fear of spoiling some element of the surprise on the day.

In theory, I agree with that reasoning. It is sound and logical, compelling even. I admit that I entertained the notion. Indeed, I would be quite pleased if this particular element (number four) in the sequence of tables remained a surprise… but I absolutely cannot contain myself.

To some extent, the cat is already out of the bag. Surely, I mentioned that I hoped to build an arena on these tables, and the more keen reader would have already glimpsed a hint of this in the enlarged sketches I’ve posted previously. I suspect, however, that the architectural reality lends itself to an entirely different impression. Behold.

While working on this, Tall Paul will repeatedly and spontaneously erupt in exclamation, “Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is that why you are here?” (…I think the better nature of this fine hobby is starting to win him over).
For my part, I am more partial to this quote.

Really, either one works splendidly with regard to these tables. Thank you, Mr. Crowe.

Again, we have pressed material into service left over from the construction of baby-number-two’s room  -specifically, two-bys and more crown molding. This time, Paul insisted on building up the footprint of the building to accommodate more levels and a more dramatic feel to the site. I resisted initially for fear that this thing might get too large, but then conceded the point almost immediately.

Why suddenly worry about that now? Surely, the modest and demure ship sailed into the harbor and sunk like a stone some time ago. 

Alas. We hardly knew her.

++TOP TIP: When working with the pink foam, we found a few tricks to be quite helpful:

First, there is [name forthcoming] a specific glue (it comes in tube form, so you need a caulk gun to use it well) made for foam that works a treat. Wood glue will also manage in a pinch, but the foam glue is ace. Gorilla glue also works and deserves mention, but we’ve had some real nightmares with the glue bleeding out onto unwanted areas... I don’t love that Gorilla glue (Gorilla wood glue is fine; the other stuff you can keep).

Second, we found that the foam (at least initially) wanted to simply sit atop the glue. This was going to be a problem, made all the more bothersome by the fact that we couldn’t weigh the steps with a heavy book or somesuch without messing up the layout. So, we put a washer onto a screw and “pinned” the foam down –gently, gently. An aggressive hand at this point would have torn right through the foam. The holes were later covered with spackle (see last top tip).++


Gotthammer said...

I am indeed entertained ;)

Spectacular work there Mr Smoove, glad you shared it with us :)

oni said...

This table is looking sweet.

Karitas said...

There once was a Dream that was Rome...

Grizzled Gamer said...

Outstanding work. These tables are going to steal the show. Each table just seems to get better and better.

Brian Carlson said...

Really looking forward to seeing these in action at Adepticon!

Deadmeat said...

Wow that is so cool. Now I want an arena on my board.

Mark said...




Can't wait to see it painted and kitted out!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see how this is all getting alone! The arena looks amazing.

- Silens (Anon)

Brian said...

Cheers for the kind words and support, fellas. It's been all work here these last few days (...AdeptiCon waits for no man), so I've not been watching the blog as attentively as I normally would. Still, I wanted to drop a belated thank you for all the enthusiasm you've brought to this project. It certainly helps during the more trying moments. Cheers again!