Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book Wardens II (gk): test model

Inspiration is a fickle beast.

I outlined last time how I attempted (and unwittingly failed) to create a new look with new materials for my first efforts in Warmachine. Doh. This was, however, not my only inspirational misadventure in recent weeks.

It has been a while since I painted individual minis –having first suspended hobby time due to the arrival of baby-number-two and then redirected all of said hobby attention toward a certain convention earlier this month. You may have heard. Although I am officially “back” from to a place I never really left, I do not yet feel my mojo proper; I can only hope that it will return directly –and trust that it will. It always does.  

So. The Book Wardens (thank you, by the way, Tenzing for the top tip about the Serapeum. The current manifestation of the Book Wardens will be getting a fundamental revision as soon as I can sift through what works for them. It may take a little time to digest, but the idea is simply brilliant. Brilliant. Cheers). Here is the first test model that I completed for the resuscitation of that old chapter.

It simply isn’t working for me. Perhaps the he is still too metallic, or grim, or dark. Perhaps the other colors are lost somehow in the mix. To my way of thinking, these fellows lack a certain metaphysical kick in the loins that usually, viscerally pulls me into the model. Instead, I am left listless and cold –lamentably meh. I have been floundering slightly.

To remedy this situation I did what I always do in such circumstances… I copy someone else’s work until I find my feet again.

There is no shame in this, or at least I feel absolutely none in typing that statement. I sincerely believe that the internets were made specifically for these purposes. And so I do. In fact, I have copied two different ideas wholesale recently: one from an image I saw on BoLS (to be discussed later), and the one that inspired this fellow from GW’s own site. Go figure. Tom Kreps's Imperial Fists are visually arresting, and I found myself staring at them for a tremendously long time before I decided that this alone should be reason to have a bash at emulating what he has done.

Certainly, I suspect that my effort may look a bit too Rogal Dorn (or is it Lamenters?) to be a natural born Book Warden, but then the new iteration will not be Book Wardens precisely, so I may either change the colors slightly or invent some fluff to dodge the question.

Regardless, the dominant and bold use of yellow is an entirely new enterprise for me, and while admittedly derivative, it is at least getting me back in the mix and pushing me reasonably far from my comfort zone -which is the exact nature of my goal.

I am not yet sold on the red ribbons, but hesitated to go back to the standard parchment colors for fear of washing out the model too much. As I type, I am still undecided. In the mean time, he is fun. I like him more than I thought I would and may have found the basis for a new BW direction.

Well shall see. I hope to be able to type more about how I got my mojo back soon. 

Fingers crossed, everyone. Fingers crossed.   


Big Jim said...

I think he looks great. I really like the yellow on a GK model.

I kinda like the red ribbons. The only other color that might work for the 'ribbons' is a mid range purple. This would maintain a similar, but different contrast to the yellow.

The only thing I would change is the color of the 'wax' holding the purity seals. I think highlighted Dark Angels green would look better. With that said I still think the model looks good as is.

Keep up the glorious works!


Tenzing said...

Hey Brian,

I'm really liking that yellow on the Grey Knights- and the contrast with the red works well, I think.

Thanks for the mention by the way- no probs!

Cheers, Gar

PS thanks for joining- hope you're enjoying All Areas half as much as I'm enjoying Gentleman's Ones!

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Hey, Brian. I love it. The only thing that doesn't work for me is the basing. For some reason it doesn't feel like completes the model. Instead of servo-skulls you should use the familiar models that are basically walking books. ;P

Tallarn said...

Brian, im with Skarvald. You need some sort of a temple or gothic ruins base to bring in the library feel you are going for. Brown dirt is not doing it.

The yellow came out very well and the silver helps it alot in the armor details. Use just a bit more wash to tone down the silver, maybe a slight red wash to give some slight glow?

beat ronin said...

I think the yellow looks great, very bold. If I were you I would go with parchment for the seals, as rather than washing it out I think different shades of similar colours add depth. That's just me though, you might want a more striking, colourful look.

Brian said...

@ Big Jim. I agree. More green less turquoise. Surely, those are words to live by. ;)

@ Tenzing. I should be thanking you, again. You're off to a great start with the blog. The GW Royalty in particular was comedy gold.

@ Skarvald. Thanks. Good eye, by the way, but thankfully I have yet to actually land on a paint scheme for the base. What you see here is just a block of scorched brown I put down to tidy up the base. Good ideas, though, and I intend to borrow them shamelessly.

@ Tallarn. Gothic ruins.... hmmm. Also, I like your idea about the wash. I've never tried red over pure silver like that, but if not on a test model, when? thanks for the ideas.

@ James S. I thought perhaps going for a whitish color but based in a different temperature -ie: blueish instead of yellowish? I don't know. There will be more of this quite soon.

Cheers fellas for all the feedback -very, very much appreciated.

HOTpanda said...

Yellow is not an easy colour to paint but once again your models look top notch. I hope to see a recipe post on your yellows in the near future. Your recipe post have been an immense help to me and has enable me to start blogging again. Thank you for the inspiration and the much need help.

Brian said...

@ Panda. Great to see you back in action, and thank you for the kind words. I have a version of this yellow in the recipe section at right, but I will be certain to do a unique post for this method as it differs slightly but significantly... once I nail it down, that is.

MCT said...

That GK model looks awesome in yellow, makes a nice change yo all the metallic shades you normally see

Brian said...

@ MCT. Cheers mate. I try.