Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On the Table p.3: Daemons

The perceptive and keen may have noticed these two fellows loitering (with intent) in the background of the GK photos from the weekend. And there is a bit more of that going on here in this photo as well, to be sure...

Soon, very soon, these two will translate from the warp as enthusiastic new additions to Pitmann’s every-growing Iron Warriors collective. I have shown these beasties in some modest state several months ago, but want to add a fresh photo once again here as a counterpoint to all the GK goodness floating about the workspace; it is great fun to have these antagonists together like that. 

I am eager beyond reckoning to get paint to brush with these guys. I am just as eager to see Pitmann’s old colossus of a Daemon Prince retired, as he has unceremoniously been bashing away at whatever poor army I put in his path, and there have been quite a few, for years and years now. I am sure he deserves a nice long holiday back in the immaterium. If he doesn't, who does?

See you Thursday for the fourth installment of what I will be working on. After a cracking day out on Saturday, I am tremendously excited to share this next morsel of hobby zealotry.

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