Thursday, May 12, 2011

B. Stylish

I have noted with interest this particular award floating around the tinternets for a while now ...but had yet to actually earn one (to my knowledge anyway) until late last week. Then, as will inevitably happen, I received three four more almost back to back to back. Does that make me four five times as stylish? (or is it more indicative of the closed loop of our blogging community and the general manner in which chain emails work?)

Oh, nevermind. The important lesson here is that I am stylish. Write it down. There will be quizzes.

Thank you Sons of Taurus, Kirby, Oniakki, and #2501 (and Skarvald) for saying so. I am both flattered and honored. I am also a nervous that I must now live up to these expectations: more style, I say -more style.

By now, I suspect you all know how this works. So seven things about me:

-I have two boys under two. They are wildly entertaining, but also rather demanding at times. I am reliably informed that this is normal. Nearly all of my hobby occurs between their naps.

-I teach for food.

-I have had exactly one brush with intellectual fame, which occurred nearly 15 years ago. Through a convoluted and irrelevant series of circumstances, I answered the phone one fine Scottish morning to find Jacques Derrida on the other end. He was extremely polite. Of all the questions I wanted to ask, I managed only some limp inquiry about the weather in Paris –makes me cringe to this day- and then took a message.

-I was mugged once and, after the obligatory melee, was quite proud of the fact that I never once let go of my doner kebab.

-Today, I would not eat a doner kebab if you paid me.

-I did my undergraduate degree in Louisiana. I didn’t learn too much, but had a real nice time.

-parliamo italiano io e la moglie (abbiamo vissuto li per un periodo) ma in questi giorni non molto, e’ un peccato.

Now to the interesting part:
In no particular order, here are a few blogs that I return to again and again and again.

Roundwood’s World: Sidney Roundwood is my gaming guru –a spiritual mentor, if you will. His site is loaded with incredible custom scenery and invariably his battle reports evoke a wondrously compelling narrative.

Brian Carlson: Talent. Pure. Talent. and an ace individual.

Porky’s Expanse: and how truly expansive it is. I know the Porks has received this award already but, for my money, this site stands alone in a field of Porky’s own composition. Be warned. This is the rabbit hole.

Dick Move: Why not make it four? FNIF is comedy gold.

That Guy James: Another personal hero. James designed the Killzone cards and is an all round brilliant individual.

Wolves for the Wolf God: Skarvald is a local hero and his blog never fails to entertain.

Grande Maestro: You won’t really need to understand Italian to grasp the important visual components on this site (but get Google Translator if you need it). For those of use that adore custom scenery, Space Hulk, and whatever else, I would specifically like to direct you to the P.Work link that he has produced (link is to English mode). Brilliant. Just brilliant. 

Warhammer 39,999: This site has expanded considerably in recent months, and I have followed with an interested eye. There’s a lot going on with this site these days. 


Porky said...

Thanks very much! I'll confess at this point the kind words are more precious than the award itself..! And they are very kind words indeed.

I'm actually getting a little worried about the consequences of naming 15 more blogs for each nomination. There are the blogs to name, but we might never see posts on anything else again. Maybe a stand needs to be taken, a refusal made? I don't know.

As for the field, there's a lot of space for anyone wanting to jump in, possibly even endless amounts.

The Angry Lurker said...


Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

If you had paid attention to that local hero you would have known that I ALSO nominated you for the Stylish award, Brian. :P So there.. FIVE people think you are stylish. That's pretty impressive.

Also, it was kind of cool. Turns out I know just enough Latin to understand your Italian... но силно се съмнявам, че твоите познания по италиански език, нито пък тези по английски (въпреки това, че си професор в тази област) ще са достатъчни да схванеш смисъла на моя български.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Also, we seem to have a thing for doner kebabs. In 2006 when I returned to my motherland for the summer I was having a doner kebab (They are pretty big in Bulgaria) and a young gypsy tried to pickpocket me, but I was quick enough to twist his arm and (literally) kick his ass hard enough to discourage him from engaging in hand-to-hand combat.
- I would pay someone to show me to closest doner kebab place around here. Do you know of any good ones in Chicago?

Brian said...

@ Porky. The pleasure is all mine.

@ The Angry Lurker. Cheers mate.

@ Skarvald. I grasp the meaning of your Bulgarian perfectly ...with the modest assistance of Google Translator. And no, I have absolutely no recommendations for doners in these parts. I have sworn them off completely.

Dethtron said...

arrrggghhhh you got me again you SOB

Sidney Roundwood said...


Your compliment is very kind, and quite undeserved! (You should also know how much inspiration I get from all your stuff as well!) I tried to post here yesterday, but Blogger ate my comments. All I can add is .... Jacques Derrida ... wow.... I It could have been worse - you could have talked to him about defending your doner kebab!

Brian said...

Your kind words are much appreciated. As for Monsieur Derrida, I think he might have enjoyed the kebab saga more than the tepid chat about Parisian rain. I would have, certainly.