Thursday, May 26, 2011

CSM vs. CSM (p.3): The Vultures Circle

And for the final installment of this battle report:

When we first agreed to deploy our forces as if every model had the Infiltrators USR, I was modestly concerned that we would simply play a huge scrum in the middle of the table and that would be that. I was concerned that every unit would simply float around the first or second to arrive and that the subsequent action would not only focus on that singular point but also ignore the remaining elements on the table.

I shouldn’t have been worried in the slightest.

This otherwise quite unsubtle change to the game had a series of quite positive and dramatic effects on our day:

-deployment was no less (and perhaps even more) interesting/challenging than usual. Much of the game was, in fact, played during these initial moments. Pitmann set his Berzerkers to the Western edges of the table in order to bracket and corral the action, while I spread in mutual support on an angle across the center –more or less- in order to create a series potential chain reactions depending on which unit got smashed first. My Obliterators grabbed the high ground that dominated at least half of the table, while Pitmann’s Oblits grabbed the second highest ground in hopes of the same. The ensuing shootout was tremendously entertaining. Nothing here is particularly new, but the point is that there was never a single scrum in the middle and the action roamed the entire breadth of the space available; moreover, the following point ensured that unexpected but significant spaces opened rather quickly –thereby forcing us to confront the shortcomings of our own plans directly and with good manners.

-significant confrontations happened early and often. As mentioned, the chess-match turns happened in deployment, so we could get right to the drama …and so we did. Both of us were itching to see our HQ choices slug it out –a much more entertaining prospect than whittling/sniping one or the other with Obliterators or whatnot in a slow dance before the collision. Of course, this worked wonders for the imagery of the day (the photos of these two beasts getting to grips are my favorites from the batch), and helped suggest the next installment(s)…

-in fact, the entirety of the tabletop deployment was remarkably suggestive of narrative elements that neither of us predicted beforehand. As it turns out, this simple “one off” has given us fertile ground upon which we will soon be planting our summer campaign. Golden.

Strategically speaking (and by that I refer to the fickle will of our dice), a lot went right for me on the day. As mentioned, six consecutive rolls of 6 for armor saves certainly, and singularly, kept my Terminators on the tabletop. This is unprecedented for me, and goes a long way to make up for the Daemon Weapon debacle the prematurely finished my Lord. Without question, the Terminators are my MVP of the day, and I am quite pleased that I was finally able to manage the more pro-active (read: charge denial) policy that I have been hoping for in my games against Ref Pitmann.

I am certain the Right and Honorable Referee Pitmann will come to our next confrontation with veins in his teeth.

And to that end, we hope to replay this scenario at least one more time, perhaps more, with the addition of Objective markers that will further stretch our forces and resources across the tabletop. Likewise, this will invariably help broaden the narrative of the campaign as well. More on that soon.

See you next time for a very recently revised selection of #8 in the Top Ten Models …according to me series.


Warflake said...

Really enjoyed it mate, great bat rep and atmospheric pictures.

Porky said...

I agree with Warflake. Also, splitting it over three posts was a good idea - it supported the extra depth and meant plenty more time for us to reflect.

Brian said...

Cheers fellas. I am genuinely pleased that you have enjoyed these reports. I know that I offer little in terms of tactical acumen, and so try to compensate elsewhere as I am able.

Cheers again.