Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wolves for the Wolf God.

This is just a quick post (to be followed by more reminders as the date in question nears) asking you to check out a local legend and brother in blog. 

Skarvald the Troll-Faced is holding a fine giveaway over on his blog Wolves for the Wolf God. I mentioned this fine fellow recently in the Stylish Blogger bru-hoorah, but want to direct your attention specifically to that giveaway. Would it not seem inappropriate at best, and highly suspect at worst, I would have thrown my hat in for this prize from the word go. Alas.

My hypothetical loss is your potential gain, so check out ole Skarvald and have a spin at those Renegades.

1 comment:

An Enemy said...

You should enter regardless. Its a contest. You're a follower. 'Nuff said. If anyone questions the honor of the two of you send them my way.