Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HoA: Tables Progress (1)

Forgive me. With the weather turning from miserable to sweltering in just a single week, the Chicagoland area has skipped directly past Spring and into the grips of Summer. Huzzah. While the keyboard remains ever in the back of my mind, I have opted to embrace the change of fortune and spend my days outdoors.

Naturally, I will not have forgotten our fine hobby entirely, as good weather also affords the opportunity for Tall Paul and I to do what we do best the stifling sun. Those of you that have followed the blog for a while will remember our brutal and hasty struggles to complete the SO: Killzone tables during a… well… challenging few weeks in March.

Heroes of Armageddon offers a whole new set of challenges. This time round, we have much more going for us than simply the weather. We have the experience of building several monstrous tables of this ilk and general disposition, and we have that experience tucked firmly under our arms as we proceed in the assembly of these four Heroes of Armageddon tables.

I can say without hesitation, they are going to be amazing.

A few preliminary notes on those tables:

Each section here is 3x4, so that the tables can be arranged in one gigantic 6x8 table or, if you so desire, two 6x4 tables. We are clever like that. The four sections will also each hold one individual army from the collection. I will have photos illustrating this premise in greater detail soon, but suffice for now to say that the open-ended possibilities afforded by these tables has been the primary design challenge thus far.

We are taking our sweet time with the basics with this effort. As mentioned previously, we learned precisely how not to build these kinds of tables with our first bash at the AdeptiCon madness. With those lessons in mind, we have set about very, very deliberately… and very, very slowly.

For example, in the first photo, you may note that we have ripped the 2-by so that it is flush on the end closest the tabletop surface. This has made the wood filler a much easier, solid task and, dare I say, the final product much more smooth and polished. Time consuming, certainly. But we sincerely believe the effort now will pay off handsomely down the stretch.

Likewise, we have been extremely thorough with the preparatory work. You will note that, by way of demonstration, we have sanded down part of a table after we had already primed and blacked it. We found a few small grains that were becoming bothersome and areas where the paint had clotted a bit from the heat. Strip it down. Start again.

We are aiming for something quite remarkable with these tables and intend to give them all the attention they deserve.

Unfortunately, I have little to show you that will help you directly imagine that final result (I will have photos of my sketches in a later post), but for now let me offer these small tidbits to whet the appetite:

The yellowish areas are going to be blocked off in the “hazard stripes” that I enjoyed so much in the AdeptiCon tables. This step will be completed very nearly in its entirety before any subsequent layers is added to the tables.

Yes. Layers. The areas marked in yellow will be “underground” or rather, “belowhive,” in the final compilation.

The planks you see on the left of this final photo represent the rusted undercoat of the walls that will comprise the deeper interiors of the Hive. They are going to be masked, repainted, peeled, and weathered again before any cuts so that the final assembly will go together without any pesky nooks or hard-to-reach corners wanting attention. If we learned anything, it is this: do as much early as possible, as each cut of the saw makes dealing with the details more challenging.  

So. Not much yet, but we are less than two months out and the project is accelerating. Stay tuned for more.


HOTpanda said...

Envy is all I can say.

The Dark Templar said...

It's all very exciting!

The Inner Geek said...

I'm glad you're getting some of the heat up there. It's nice and miserable hot down here in Texas.

I'm excited to see these tables come together. You are quickly becoming the undisputed interwebz table master!

Sidney Roundwood said...

Brian, it all sounds very exciting. I'd love to see the paper plan of how they all fit together - those sort of drawings always interest me. I like the way you've described the small changes you're making to ensure these boards are even better than before. Those sort of changes come from hard won experience, and you never forget them! Above all, really looking forward to where you guys go with these!

Brian Carlson said...

I'm really excited to see how these come together, you guys are doing a great thing working on the project!

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Makes the Killzone tables me and Joe are making look.... puny and miserable. Like that scrawny Grot that always gets picked last to play Blood Bowl.

So jealous! Work faster I want to see more awesomeness!

Porky said...

Add me to the bated breath list. In a practical sense the post can't be faulted, for being a useful look at thinking in the early stages, but it all stepped up to an even higher gear with the word 'belowhive' and mentioned of rusted interiors. Your confidence they'll be memorable boards seems even better founded for that!

Brian said...

Cheers fellas. More in about a week+. The weather has been good but, as mentioned, progress is slow on these monsters...

Steve h said...

OOh looking looking forward to seeing this come together!

Lord Siwoc said...

This is really coming together well!

Good work so far!

Meatball said...

Thanks for all the details on how you are proceeding. Looking forward to future updates!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great blog...I come here often

Brian said...

Cheers again, fellas. Very kind. Very kind, indeed. Look for more on this specific topic in about a week's time.