Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HoA: Table Progress (6)

Good evening, one and all. If, by chance, you have missed the hullaballoo, please let me direct your attention toward all of this gloriousness. Time is ticking away rather quickly, and I encourage you not only to place your name in the hat for some absolutely stunning prizes, but also to contribute for a tremendously decent cause.

Although the armies have been completed and wait patiently for their new owners, the tables are not quite done and/or dusted as you will see here (…I get a bit of leeway here as the tables would be impractical to “raffle,” as such, and will not be part of the actual drawing. I could only imagine the cost of shipping). Instead, while we count down the days until the drawing, I will be posting day-by-day progress reports for these monsters.

One important note: the fact that the table will not be part of the drawing does not mean that these bad boys are beyond your grasp. If you are interested in owning one, two, three, or all of these tables, please contact me directly on my email (gentlemanones -via- g mail; you get the picture), and we can talk about a direct donation to Doctors Without Borders through the Heroes of Armageddon project.

That is correct. They may not look like too much yet, but they will. Oh yes, they will ...and you can take these tables home with you if you have the gumption.


And so a quick recapitulation seems in order:

There are four tables to accompany each of the four armies in the drawing. Each individual table measures 3’x4’ and can be combined with one other table to make a 4’x6’ table, or with all the others together to form a massive 6’x8’ table of unmitigated glory. These images show the entire ensemble together.

In order to help you form an idea of what you are looking at, the tables describe the borderland or the “foothills” of a hive as it bleeds out into the industrial wasteland. These specific images show the underhive area, which you can glean from the foam build-up starting to take shape, and which slopes down into the various entry points. Here, I have taken the notion of the city/hive (and particularly that image of the hive) and run with it. The idea is that the city is not really a fortress, as they are often described, but a functioning, permeable beehive of industrial horror and waste. Naturally then, much of what you see here will be covered as the city folds upon itself and grows.

More tomorrow evening. 


The Eye of Error said...

Man every time I see an update on one of your table I want to run down to Home depot and buy all the PVC and wood shapes I can get my hands on! Seriously every one is awesome and this one is looking great!

Big Jim said...


Seriously if I ever win the lottery I am hiring you to be my table fabrication slave!

Stunning work again B!


The Inner Geek said...

Oh, I've got gumption... but I don't have room... or a desire to drive all the way to Illinois... or any idea how to smuggle one of these on the airplane back home from Games Day. The TSA have a real stick in their butts about what you can't smuggle on planes you know.

The tables look great though. Had I the room and a hankering for a road trip, I'd be interested.

The Angry Lurker said...

Simply beautiful.

Sidney Roundwood said...

It's looking grimy, bleak, rusty, windswept and inhospitable. In other words, absolutely perfect Brian. Fantastic work!

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

We were supposed to work on them today! :( Stupid weather.

HOTpanda said...

Unreal and epic on grand proportions.

Brian said...

@ LuckyNo.5. Sometimes I feel that I should hold stock in Home Depot, if only to offset my own expenses a bit. Your kind words have convinced me. ha. Cheers for your support.

@ Big Jim. Glorious indeed. Cheers.

@ The Inner Geek. I would love to see you give it a bash with the TSA. I wasn't sure from your comment. Will you be coming north for the event? If so, I hope to see you there.

@ The Angry Lurker. Thank you kindly.

@ Sir Roundwood. I was just admiring your work with the sandcastles.

@ Skarvald. It was brutal. I spoke with Joe. We are on for next week.

@ HotPanda. Cheers mate.