Thursday, July 7, 2011

Warmachine: Cryx preview of sorts

As mentioned, I am still on holiday. Does it show?

In lieu of another vapid preview post, however, I thought it worthwhile to mention my expanding interest in WarmaHordes and jump right in to the matter. I enjoyed a decent (and astonishingly rare) glut of gaming in the weeks preceding the family’s departure for more mountainous terrain. 

Moreover, although my heart is with the Protectorate, and through the subtle machinations of bartering, I have found myself in possession of yet another Warmachine starter set, which is now the third time that Cryx has landed on my doorstep genuinely unsolicited. Perhaps this is a sign? Certainly, it would seem so.

Well, third time’s the charm, and I figure it would be rude at this point not to put glue to resiny-plastic and paint to the same. I do not really expect to play Cryx myself, but have embraced this timely task simply for the love, as the kids say. The Cryx faction is undeniably cool, and creepy, and it will be a fair bit of fun just to try my hand at the matter.These three BoneJacks represent the progress I have made thus far.

More importantly. I have now officially played six, yes six, full games of Warmachine. Game Five was a thrashing at the hands of Frozen Joe’s Orboros menace. He has kindly taken off the kid gloves now that I have enough games under my belt to know better. It is time to learn.

Having said that, this game was also a bit of an upset. Although FrozenJoe and basically dismantled the Protectorate in a clinical and shocking fashion, his last gamble to pinch Kreoss ended just one or two wounds short of the mark. As such, Kreoss promptly turned around, flailed wildly, exhausted every ounce of Focus available, and bashed Kaya in the noodle with his mace.

Victory to the Protectorate. This game was the very definition of the phrase “winning ugly.” Lesson learned: Protectorate Bastions are beasts. 

Taking this rare win into Game Six, the Protectorate squared up against Chris growing Cryx faction. The game was tense and dramatic, with both of us making desperate gambles for the victory, only to find our Warcaster frighteningly exposed in the aftermath. Neither of us was able to take full advantage of the opportunity, and so the battle swung back and forth and back again.

In the end, attrition made the matter, and Chris sucked the soul from Kreoss’ weary bones. Victory to the Cryx. Lesson learned: BoneJacks are deceptively resilient, and pinched my plans at the jugular. I will be affording them greater, more respectful consideration next time out. 

Alas. My impression of the game grows from strength to strength as I learn not only the game mechanism but also as our blossoming rivalries begin to form properly.

Here’s to more.


Lord Siwoc said...

Well done indeed! I like how these turned out.

I myself.....well my heart beat for proud Khador!!!

The Inner Geek said...

Sounds like you're picking it up quickly. Every time I read one of your Warmachine posts I find myself wanting to dig out my Angry Elves and do some painting. I'm not saying you should stop writing about it... just maybe stop making it sound like fun.

The Dark Templar said...

Haha, as the master painter of distressed and decaying metal it was inevitable that you would end up with Cryx models to paint. They look fantastic B – really nice job.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

I am STILL waiting for my Khador Battlebox, Brian.. It's at the post office, but I have no way of getting there to get it on time. Grrr..

Marshal Wilhelm said...


Interesting blog you have here :)

I have some questions for you :D

How are you finding WM/H?
I am thinking about getting into RoS, and before I start 'getting in it' I would like to hear unbiased views on it.

Do you also play much in the way of GW games, or is it more on the hobby side for you?

Thank you for your help.