Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blood Bowl League

Although the site has been quiet (see note at bottom), there has been a tremendous amount happening behind the scenes –much, much more of that on the way in good time.

So. As a means of getting back into the rhythm, I thought it best to show one of the most pressing renewed directions of my hobby interest: Blood Bowl. I have heard that tonight marks the beginning of another well-known football league, but that one interests me not at all. 

not. at. all.

You may already know FrozenJoe and Skarvald from their own fame and righteous zealotry -if not, perhaps from their site Wolves for the Wolf God. A little over two years ago (before the birth of Boyzilla), Joe helped introduce me to Blood Bowl. I loved the experience but have not played a game since a dramatic and calamitous loss during the final seconds of the final play in the final match, which seems appropriately conclusive. The rest of that pause can be directly linked to Boyzilla and his diminuitive partner, the Love Blob.
Well. Joe’s not happy to leave well enough alone, and has tirelessly organized a stupefyingly ambitious and brilliant brand new Blood Bowl League. Yes please. I'll have a side order of Blood Bowl with that Blood Bowl.

Here’s the (renewed) Team. I am not sure on the name yet, but for now I will be calling them the Geddy Fooks. In each photo, the lineup reads from left to right.

Fume Bleize (Thrower), Touch McRudder (Cad, Catcher, and Big Fish in Small Pond), Ghives Torquay (Catcher)

The Blitzers: Dash Culpepper, Chillore Bee, Pinzo Salt, Ruud Olefeo

The Linemen: Sy deLiones, Dei Giorno, Tee Keio, Forza B. Strongside

The off-season has been long, dusty, and lonesome, if not entirely restful, but the fans are back, the ice is cold, and there’s that autumn feeling in the air. 

Technically, the team remains undefeated. This could be the Fook’s year. 

More on that soon.

(note: dreadfully so. Apologies. All the usual reasons, none of which I imagine will be so interesting to you as the fact that I am back once again like the renegade master. d4 damager. power to the people …and so on.)


Oli said...

Aaaaaw Blood Bowl... I wish there was somebody around me who would play that game. I loved playing it.
Congrats to being undefeated.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

The Bouldershoulders are looking to face your Fooks. Now if only I had the models..

Von said...

I am obliged by nature and the creating deity to respect the playing of Blood Bowl - even if you have inexplicably picked Humans...

The Angry Lurker said...

Damn nice looking team, hopefully they don't play like Hairy Mary's.

Porky said...

Blood Bowl is one of those games that always seemed to me stylistically like it should be incredibly unpopular, but it's a masterpiece and I'm glad it still gets the recognition, and maybe more play now than for many years. This team looks incredible.

Da Masta Cheef said...

My Wurtbastards would be more than willing to spoil that record of yours, as they too are 'undefeated'.

However the team's wagoneers balked at the prospect of a journey all the way out to the windy city. The coaching staff have tried to convince them that they've confused it with the land of chill but to no avail, the Wurtbastards shall not be heading your way.

The Inner Geek said...

Nice looking team! I have a (few) bloodbowl team(s). Sadly, the only games I've played have been on the pc version that release a year or two ago. I do have to admit, it's nice to have the computer do all the rules checks so I can just concentrate on the plays.

Scott said...

Oh man, and I was about to e-mail you to invite you to my Mordheim campaign!

Brian C. said...

Just to let you know, there is a tournament coming up in a week for the Chicago area. Go to for details if you're interested. It's an annual tournament with a good turnout, this year should be about 50+ players, held at the Chicago GW battle bunker.

Brian said...

@ Oli. You are too kind by far. I have to say, I nearly dismissed it until the aforementioned friends made me give it a spin. I recommend you corral a friend or two. Their reactions might surprise you.

@ Skarvald. Focus. Destiny awaits.

@ Von. Haha. Harsh... but fair. I picked them initially as they would be easy to learn. I've stuck with them because I don't have time to make a new team before the start of the league ...and because Touch McRudder (local legend) was specifically requested. :)

@ Angry Lurker. I have some amount of hope for these misfits. Fingers crossed.

@ Proky. The game really is a masterpiece, and thanks for the kind word about the team.

@ da Cheef. Ditka vs. a Hurricane... who wins? That, my friend, depends on whether the hurricane is also named Ditka.

@ The Inner Geek. I've never played the video game but always thought it beautiful.

@ Scott. I am sending you an email soon.

@ Brian C. Excellent tip! I must see if I can make this work.

Von said...

Fair cop! To be honest, I've scored a touchdown with a human team... once... but I confess I look at mine and think "you're gonna be Thralls as soon as I have some Vampires."

Shannon said...

Really cool looking miniatures. I've never played Blood Bowl but it does look interesting.

Brian said...

@ Von. Nice one. Now that you mention it, these models do have "thrall" written all over them.

@ Shannon. Cheers. I came to the game only with some modest prompting, but recommend the experience.

Paul O'G said...

Great minis mate - I'm still using the plastic Humies out of the Box! Then again, all they do is get smashed by my Lad's Orc Team anyway!

Good luck Fook-ers!

Brian said...

@ Paul. Good stuff. the first draft of the Fook-ers was those very same plastics you mention. Not the most compelling sculpts, but solid all the same. Love the blog, by the way. wot wot.