Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Stranded

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing The Stranded.

That Guy James. Yes, that one -an absolute star, a genuine all-rounder. This guy (yes, that one) has the kind of talent that ignores modest limitation and that leaves one …well …simply stupefied. He has reached mythological status. Legend.

You may remember That Guy James from the work he did in designing the Killzone cards some months ago. James also designed the "Alacrity wallpaper" that featured so beautifully in both the AdpetiCon  and the Heroes of Armageddon tables. In a wildly generous gesture, James sent me a custom designed Special Operations team of the Dark Eldar variety. Specifically, we discussed the idea of a rogue Harlequin Troupe, which seemed a natural and appropriately thematic manifestation of the Dark Eldar in the special operations arena. Because he is an ace, James went one louder.

That’s right. This one goes to eleven.

James designed a set of cards for the Troupe as a whole, but also for each individual member of the entourage that will accompany the Stranded on their “worlds tour” in-and-around the greater Chicagoland area.

Ladies and Gentlemen … Behold The Stranded:

Harlequin (Team Leader) Troop Master. Medipack upgrade. Brawler upgrade. 68 pts: a Troupe Master without a Troupe. She's a loner and a diva. What follows is her personal entourage of scoundrels and sycophants.

Harlequin. 18 pts. The understudy -a permanent fixture in her Lady's shadow, and someday a potential rival. She loves and loathes the Troop Master with her entire soul and body.

Beast Master. Agonizer. Refractor Field upgrade. 47 pts. I imagine this to be something like the personal toady. In particular he is responsible for her Ladyship's pet...

Khymera. 12 pts. Her pride and joy.

Hellion. 16 pts.The Roadie. He worships the Troop Master, who is not above using this weakness exploitatively and cruelly.

Syren. Agonizer. Smoke Grenade upgrade. 58pts. The Chorus Leader. 
2 Hekatrix Bloodbride. 26pts. The Chorus.

Thank you, James, for having so much talent and for sharing it. Thank you for your kindness.

...check out the suits on the skull behind the Choir Master. Ace!
a note on Killzone: Big Jim and crew (myself included) have been diligently, albeit slowly, working on a revised version of the rule-set, missions, and errata –including quite a few important tweaks to basic team design, new upgrade and theme options, and game mechanics, as well as an entirely new mission generator. This includes two brand new sets of cards that will be available to you… and yes, that guy is already hard at work on them.


Alexander Man said...

Amazing stuff... Very talented!!!

Brent said...

Oh, my, God!


Max said...

Those are all incredibly awesome. The painted bases, the harlequin and card playing theme... wow!

Porky said...

That's certainly an 11. The harlequins are a very interesting space, bringing together a lot of the history and essence of the game. They're a better use of the base DE models in my view, and this particular take is very pretty.

Great news on the development of Killzone as a whole too.

Sidney Roundwood said...

Brian, I'm sorry, you're wrong. It doesn't go to 11. It actually goes to 12. They're simply stunning. The cards, the images on the cards and the theme complement perfectly. Your painting's wonderful. I really like the almost hallucinogenic feel of the figures. I really liked this post.. a lot.

Thatguyjames said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments and thank you Brian for the feature. I hope you have as much fun showing off and playing the team as I had making it. Here's to killzone!

Papa JJ said...

WOW! Such a beautiful set of minis, I'm sure they'll be tremendous fun to use. And the cards are just lovely. That's also really exciting news about the revised Killzone, I can hardly wait!

Belgium Diorama World said...

great great painting

Alviro said...

Simply Amazing, great work dude O_O

Uncle Truth said...

Great job. This is a really ingenious use of those DE kits!