Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blood Bowl: FF Fields

A while back, I mentioned that FrozenJoe and Skarvald the Vlad-faced were starting up an extremely ambitious Blood Bowl league. In my excitement for that league, I positively devoured the internet in search of all thing bowl-shaped and blooded.
This field is the very fine work of Alex (oppure Alessandro se vuoi), whom you can find over at FF Fields. His work is stunning, and he's an all-round fine fellow -really, genuinely quite pleasant. The goods arrived in a timely manner from a decent way around the planet, and I really could not be happier with the product. Moreover, I encourage you to take a long, hard look at the options for customization. Tremendous.
The man. The work. Epic.
Alas, after my initial enthusiasm, my participation in said league has been wildly hamstrung by the sale of our car, the (staggeringly wip) purchase of a new house, and the standard but uncompromising burden of raising two boys under two. Oh, and I have a job. The wicked combination above has made it very difficult for me to travel out to the suburbs for a proper romp.
Still, the pitch is ready, and the Geddy Fooks are keen.

... and patient. They'll get theirs.


Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Briiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaan. :( We neeeed to meeeet uuuuup.

Chris C. said...

That's an awesome looking playing field.

Von said...

That is, as has been said, a smashing pitch.

The Inner Geek said...

Nice field! I built a custom field myself once back in the old'n days. Mine was upsized 1.5x, with custom throw measurer of course. It was a fun project I'd like to repeat one day, but I have no time to play let alone build a pitch to not play on!

SeerKarandras said...

My gateway drug intot he Hobby was Blood Bowl. I love custom made Pitches. A few Friends, Including a fellow ex GW employee just started a Necromunda league for nostalgia sake.

Brian said...

@ Skarvald. Indeed. December (all of it) looks good for me :) how bout you?

@ Bard and Von. Cheers.

@ The Inner G. I would love to see that bad boy. Nice thinking on the scaled-up sticks. I feel your pain about time these days.

@ SeerKarandras. gateway drug. Brilliant. I've yet to play Necromunda (and will soon be entering my first Mordheim campaign), but absolutely know that I would love it.

War Frog said...

I like the looks of these, It appears you went with a roll up version. How is the material quality, the art is fantastic.

I realized today that I was not actually following your site. I went to link to your HoA table on DakkaDakka and could not find your blog in my list. I fixed that.

Brian said...

@ War Frog. I did, indeed, go with the roll up version. The material is fantastic. From the photos, I was concerned that it might be a bit thin or delicate. In reality, the field is neither; instead, it's foamy and durable. Thanks for the links.
Cheers. B

Paul O'G said...

Sweet sweet pitch mate, I'm most envious! Does the roll-up field sit flat after a period of being rolled though?

Looking forward to seeing some actions shots on your new pitch!